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The Five Seconds that Scared Me At Miss Rwanda Competition – Miss Muheto

by Andrew Shyaka
4:46 pm

Miss Rwanda Muheto Nshuti Divine at KT Radio

Miss Rwanda Beauty pageant was a competition of nearly two months but, five seconds were the scariest moment for Miss Rwanda 2022, Muheto Nshuti Divine.

While appearing at KT Radio’s Boda 2 Boda show this afternoon, Muheto confessed that all was well until the last five seconds the MC took before announcing the final verdict that proclaimed her as the winner.

“Managing the pressure of going on stage then going back stage to change the dress quickly for the following round was quite stressing and hectic. Arranging the hair every now and then in micro seconds was also challenging,” Muheto said.

But the scariest moment was the last five seconds before announcing the Miss Rwanda 2022.

In the last five seconds, Miss Muheto was holding hands with her first runner up Keza Maolithia. While they looked each other and seemed to be talking to each other, the truth is everyone was pleading to God.

“Oh Lord! Those five second suspens was quite a long period of time for me; I felt like we were at that stage for days! Sincerely speaking, though it looked like we were talking to each other, in real sense we were not. Our hearts were talking to God,” Muheto said.

“Meanwhile, I was also the centre focus for all stage lights and live TV cameras. All those shattered my eyesight and this was another challenge.”

Of all these moments however, Miss Muheto loved the solidarity of fellow contestants.

“At every step, fellow contestants who did not make it to the following round would help to arrange my dress and everything. I am very grateful to them,” Muheto said.

Speaking about the pressure that comes with fame of becoming Miss Rwanda, Muheto said that she will never mind the critics because that’s life.

“Before becoming someone, you always have that past of yours and it’s part of life. So, I will just make sure that I don’t disappoint people who put me where I am. I don’t have time to waste on negativity. Actions speak louder than words,” she said.

Miss Muheto Divine(L) and Hosts Andrew and Natacha

Miss Muheto’s Project ‘Igiceri Youth Programme’ intends to encourage the youth to save and assure their self-sufficient instead of depending on their parents for every other thing.

The project mostly focus on the teenagers(11-20 years). She has already started the campaign in her former high school- FAWE Girls School- Gasabo district.

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