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Muhanga: Forgiving Genocide Survivors Turn Around Community Justice

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
12:10 pm

Genocide commemoration in Kiyumba

Community and officials in Muhanga district of Southern Province are thankful to the attitude of Genocide survivors who are greatly contributing to community justice and unity and reconciliation.

When community justice Gacaca concluded business in 2o12, there were 5,500 pending cases in Muhanga, most of which involved reparation.

“In many instances, convicts did not have means to settle the reparations. With this in mind, we brought them in front of Genocide survivors and pleaded them to forgive the offenders. They responded positively, reason why we are are now wrapping up cases,” said Jacqueline Kayitare, Muhanga district mayor during the Genocide commemoration in Kiyumba sector on Monday, April 18.

“Admittedly, there are also other people who are reluctant to settle the reparation, not because they don’t have means. For those ones, the law will apply.”

Currently, only 14 cases, out of 5,550 are still pending and they mostly involved Genocide convicts that are still serving their sentences.

Constance Kabadenge, a Genocide survivor in Muhanga is part of those that exhibited exceptional courage to forgive, despite all odds.

“I have healed from the wounds of the past. I have actually told my children to join me as we move forward even thought they lost their father during the Genocide. If I have improved financially, it’s because I let go the bitter past and forgave all those who did wrong to us,” she said.

Kabadenge said, that the master key for the youth to overcome the past challenges, is to study hard and be characterized with exceptional love of the nation and the neighbor.



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