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Bagirishya Jean de Dieu Castar Is Free

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
2:36 pm

Bagirishya Jean de Dieu aka Jado Castar(R) and his friend and colleague David Bayingana

“My Brother is Back” is a short sentence, David Bayingana, a journalist and manager at BB Umwezi posted this morning.

By “brother”, he means Bagirishya Jean de Dieu a.k.a  Jado Castar, the Former Rwanda Volleyball Federation’s vice president in charge of competitions, who has been released from Nyarugenge prison after serving his 8 month jail sentence.

Jado Castar who is also the managing director of local radio station BnB Umwezi which specializes in Sports.

In October 2021, Castar was sentenced by Gasabo Intermediate court to two years in jail after ruling that he used forged documents in exercising his functions and duties.

The defendant appealed against the sentence at the High Court which brought the sentence to eight months.

Bagirishya’s case emerged during the Africa Nations Volleyball Championship in September last year when participant Nigeria filed an official complaint challenging the nationality of four Rwandan players from female team.

After a three day stalemate, it was agreed that the hosts Rwanda are removed from the tournament, previous games forfeited and the players in question as well as the federation get suspended.

Subsequent to the suspension of the National Women’s Volleyball Team from the tournament, investigation followed and led to arrest of Bagirishya, September 20, 2021.

Rutambuka aho amakenga atinya, Uw’isuli Murasana Isuku.. Kaze Neza Bagirishya Yohana W’Imana (CASTAR) Ngwino Tugutere Umubavu Mushya Twongeye Kuyo Wasize..

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