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Kigali Inaugurates Made in Rwanda Centre Including “Bridal Shower” Room

by Daniel Sabiiti
12:23 pm

 A new cultural center aimed at promoting made in Rwanda products and cultural events has opened in the heart of Kigali City.

The center dubbed ‘Agaseke Center’ located at Kigali Cultural Village on Rebero Hill, is an initiative of the City of Kigali and Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

It will host artisans making different products and souvenirs which most tourists will look forward to take away on their visit to Rwanda.

As they shop, visitors will be treated with traditional music and dances which include Amaraba and the famous Intore.

Rwanda’s basket-Agaseke in all its forms will find its place at Agaseke centre

Among others, Agaseke centre will include a room where a bride would come get essential advices before starting a new path of mariage. Such advices in traditional Rwanda were given in a platform called Urubohero. In modern era, city dwellers have re-baptized it bridal shower.

“This center will have all components of the Rwandan culture including space to host bridal shower events to help build families for married couples to be,” said Martine Urujeni, the City of Kigali Vice Mayor who officiated the inauguration event.

Urujeni said that the center will be a home to promote made in Rwanda products and the local industry products which are normally on high demand among tourists and visitors.

Agaseke centre

This will range from clothing lines made locally to art and craft works and small souvenirs to carry back home for visitors.

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