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Green Hills Academy Celebrates Achievements of Latest Graduates

by Williams Buningwire
8:07 pm

On Saturday morning, all roads led to Serena Hotel as 92 high school students from Green Hills Academy held their graduation.

In their green gowns, the students could not hide their delight of accomplishment that comes after really hard work, which to some extent was even hardened by the crisis of COVID-19 pandemic.

Everything at the event went as planned, including the time for cutting the cake with the guest of honour, the First Lady Jeannette Kagame, one of unforgettable moments for the graduates.

“The world is your oyster, and I hope that as you go about discovering it, you gather the diverse knowledge, the innovative thinking, and the cultural exposure that will help you to enrich your home,” Mrs. Kagame said.

“Your success in reaching this crucial stage in your education and life, Class of 2022, attests to one thing: The fight of your parents, to offer you a path of quality education, was worth every effort.”

The First Lady already understands that the graduates are people the society can count on.

“What I have noted observing your work, art, and confident self-expression, is that many of you have developed a sense of militancy, that disrupts and threatens, some of the norms, that are harmful to oppressed communities,” she noted.

In this batch, already 35 candidates have got admission in world renowned universities predominantly from the United States of America.

Their colleagues will join soon, too.

“GHA has opened your mind, you have been great thinkers, communicators, caring, principled, you studied long hours and worked hard, we celebrate you today,” Daniel Hollinger the school Head Teacher said.

He further addressed his special acknowledgement to parents who trusted their children and accompanied them through the long journey, and teachers who endured every difficult condition including COVID-19 disruption.

“We worked hard, we exercised being responsible being balanced, we got to know the reality of life of shaping our abilities. Among us are future doctors, artists, and engineers, among others. I offer sincere congratulations,” Sneha Negi, a representative of the graduate said.

Participants were treated with a taste of traditional dance including Amaraba which brought a cheerful ambiance in the room, especially when the guest of honour joined to dance with the excited graduates.

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