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School Alumni Reward Head Teacher with A Car

by Daniel Sabiiti
4:37 pm

Edouard Kabare, retiring head teacher

Nyagatare Secondary School alumni and former staff have rewarded a saloon car to their former head teacher, as a thanksgiving for his services for 22 years.

Edouard Kabare, who has been the Head Teacher at the school since the year 2000, when the school was established, entered his retirement age on July 1, 2022.

At a ceremony to celebrate his service to the school and educating most of the students, who have since become successful citizens, Kabare was handed keys to his vehicle which he managed to sit in, feel its comfort and drive.

The coordinator of the Nyagatare Secondary School Alumni, Rwanyange Rene Anthere said that the idea of awarding Kabare came into play after they heard of his retirement and started to weight out on an appropriate gift for him.

“Some of us suggested to give him a cow, but we remembered that he has been using a government vehicle to do his job. So, we decided to get him a car which he will need to move around in his retirement,” Rwanyange said.

“In brief, we wanted to make his retirement a good one, respectable and an easy one for him to travel without worrying.”

One of the former students, Munganyinka Georgine, who also taught at the school said that she remembers Kabare for his compassionate heart and care for students.

In her memory of Kabare as a good teacher, she said that she will never forget how he could advise students and get them financial support to stay in school especially for those who couldn’t afford school fees.

“We are here to wish him a good retirement but also help the school to develop beyond what Kabare was able to achieve. There are issues of a road, clean water among others which require our contribution,” Munganyinka said.

In his reception speech, Kabare said that he is overwhelmed by the gifts from his former students and staff but stated that all he did was to be a good teacher with a commitment to his job, which every teacher and educationalist should focus on while in school.

“I think it is a responsibility of any teacher to take care of students as if you are their parent. When you do so, no wonder the students will always be thankful,” Kabare said.

Kabare stated that teacher should learn to be able to help students and differentiate between advising and punishing a student with good motives. He believes that when punishing is in good faith, the students will always appreciate later in life.

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