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Israel Donates 20 Cows to Vulnerable Families In Burera District

by Lavie Mutanganshuro
1:25 pm

Amb. of Israel to Rwanda, Dr. Ron Adam and Mayor of Burera district during the ceremony to hand over 20 cows, a gift of Israel to Burera community

The State of Israel through the Embassy of Israel in Rwanda on Thursday, August 18, donated cows to 20 vulnerable families in Burera District, Northern Province.

This comes to support Girinka Program also known as ‘One Cow Per Poor Family’ initiated in 2016 by the Government of Rwanda, to tackle poverty and malnutrition.

While handing-over the cows, Ambassador of Israel to Rwanda, Dr. Ron Adam applauded the good and special relations between Israel and Rwanda, and went on to say that the initiative aims at improving the welfare of the most vulnerable.

“The State of Israel is happy to support this good program of Girinka, initiated by the Government of Rwanda. Burera is the fourth District where we have donated 20 cows respectively, and we are glad that these cows are helping beneficiaries to improve their standards of living,” he said.

“This is a good and sustainable way of eradicating poverty among the less privileged, because the benefits of these cows are cross-cutting. Many other families end up benefitting as well.”

According to Girinka Program, a poor family receives a heifer, raises it and when she gives birth, the first female calf is given to another poor family and the process continues.

So far, the Embassy of Israel in Rwanda has donated a total of 80 cows in four districts, namely Nyamasheke, Gisagara, Rulindo and Burera districts.

According to Marie Chantal Uwanyirigira, Mayor of Burera district, the 20 cows come to complement to existing government efforts to improve citizens’ social welfare.

“We appreciate this support from Israel. This complements different initiatives we have put in place to eradicate poverty and fight malnutrition among children. We shall make sure that the beneficiaries take good care of the cows, and give first female calves to their neighbors who are also in need of them,” she explained.

Burera District is one of the districts whose economy mainly relies on agriculture. So far, under the Girinka Program, around 18,000 families in Burera district received cows.

Beneficiaries hail the support

Yvonne Dukuzumuremyi, a mother of two children who is among the 20 families that benefitted from the donation, appreciated the support.

“I am very grateful for this cow. Going forward my two children will get milk whenever they want, and I will also have manure and therefore increase my harvest,” she said.

This was also emphasized by one Emmanuel Mfukuye, a father of five children.

“I was struggling to pay health insurance and school fees for my children, but with this cow I will get milk for my family and sell part of it to get money that will help me and my family to make a better living,” he said.

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