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Muhanga Cooperative Discovers Farming Principles ‘According to God’s Heart’

by KT Press Reporter
4:35 pm

Cyeza farmers believe they get way beyond what they used to harvest with other fertilizers and pesticide

Farmers from Cyeza cy’Imana in Muhanga, southern province are working with a partner who pledged to turn around the agriculture output “using the principle God used to set up Eden, the biblical garden from the book of Genesis.

“We have taken note of the Garden of Eden commonly known as paradise. God did not dig to grow fruits in that beautiful farm from the world’s creation,” says Celestin Hakizimana from Food for the Hungry(FH Rwanda).

Making organic fertilizers

For the last five years, the organisation is helping farmers from Cyeza sector to grow vegetables in a way that restores the land.

“In this system, we dig lightly the soil without shaking it, so as to safeguard arable land. This in the end, protects land from being eroded,” he further said.

For fertilizer, they use livestock liquid waste mixed with kitchen ash and other organic fertilisers.

pesticides from indigenous trees/herbs

For pesticide, they use Tetradenia reparia commonly known as Umuravumba in mother tongue, chili and  other indigenous trees.

“We are trying to defy the effects of chemical fertilizers and all this we call ‘farming in God’s way.”

Farmers say that they are earning in several ways.

“We save money that we used to spend on fertilizers and pesticide and the farming processes yet and yet get return on investment,” said Concessa Nyiramakuba, one of the farmers.

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