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Singer Yvan Buravan Alive, Set to Be Airlifted To India For Treatment

by Edmund Kagire
5:17 pm

Yvan Buravan

Singer Yvan Buravan, real name Ivan Burabyo, is alive and is set to be airlifted to India for treatment following an illness that has kept him in hospital for the past couple of weeks. A family source confirmed to KT Press that the singer, though sick, is in good condition and was set to be airlifted to India with immediate effect for further medical assessment.

The clarification followed social media speculations claiming that the ‘Gusakaara’ singer passed on, following weeks of being unwell. Fans of the singer and social media users were angered by the tweets announcing his ‘death’ posted by a journalist, who was blasted for being reckless.

The singer’s elder brother came out to say that the musician, who until recently was in Kenya for medical care, is alive and was set to be airborne to India anytime for more advanced treatment.

The rumours of Buravan’s death angered fellow artistes who also lambasted the journalist, Samuel Byansi Baker and social media user Claude Ishimwe Karangwa, of spreading misinformation on such a delicate matter.

Singer Uncle Austin, who is credited for discovering Buravan, told KT Press that the singer is ok, being taken care of at King Faisal Hospital, Kigali, as he waits to be transferred to India for treatment.

“He is ok as of today, even though he is sick. He is not dead. It is so irresponsible for people who are supposed to be custodian of truth such as journalists to be the one spreading such false stories,” Uncle Austin said.

According to reports, doctors are yet to find out the condition the ‘Malaika’ singer is suffering from, despite moving from one hospital to another and to Nairobi. His health continues deteriorating as days go by. KT Press understands the Government of Rwanda has committed to take care of the treatment costs of the youthful singer.

Uncle Austin said that the singer can talk and have a conversation even though he is sick. He is being taken to India to see if doctors can ascertain the ailment and treat him accordingly. The condition started with the singer feeling some kind of heat in the stomach which persisted and affected his ability to eat.

Many have taken to social media to criticize the death rumours and their purveyors while others continued to wish the singer a quick recovery.




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