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We Can’t Believe Buravan Is Gone for Ever – Music Fans

by Marie Grace Munezero
3:00 pm

Late Ivan Buravan

Yvan Buravan, real name Yvan Dushime Burabyo, a Rwandan artist who succumbed to cancer on August 17, from pancreatic cancer at 27 years  left a significant message for people who knew him and loved his music.

Nizeyimana Odo known as Khalifan, a Rwandan artist and rapper said that Yvan Burabyo was like a brother to him as they were good friends and produced their music under the same label.

“We were planning to have a collabo, unfortunately, it was in his future plans that cut short. He made very good music, he was very humble, and most importantly his life reminded me that no one knows his last day, we should always be careful in what we do and be ready,” he said.

“He taught us to work together and never be jealous. He left a very big gap in our industry and in the country in general,” added Khalifan.

Jules Sentore, an artist and Buravan’s cousin brother, said that there are no words to describe the loss but that there is still hope.

“It is hard to believe that he is gone, but we hope we will meet him again one day. Rwandans in general should be strong and remember him due to his music and good legacy. He was gentle, respected everyone, was very helpful, kind, and humble,” Sentore said.

Kevin Kade, a singer who made a song to pay tribute to late Buravan, called ‘Ibihe’ said that he is missing Buravan, in his song. As he told Kigali Today, he tried to recall the good times he spent with his friend so that he can have other times with him.

“He was a gentleman, a good soul, full of love and good vibes. We will miss him forever. He practiced what he preached, he loved people as he used to sing love,” he narrated.

Active Voice, a group of three singers, Tizzo, Dereck, and Olvis also said they are saddened by this loss.

“We worked together and collaborated on the song ‘Canga Irange’. It is hard to explain Buravan’s love and humility. We are not saying this because of his passing, he helped us, and other many people, he knew that we loved him as much as he loved us. He preached love and he will always be remembered for that,” Tizzo sadly said.

“Buravan was like a young brother to me, when I remember Buravan, I always see his smile, he was always happy, he was full of humor, and he used to tease me. He was always available for everyone despite his tight schedule,” said Dereck.

“Buravan used his time wisely; he was younger than me but he achieved so many things because he worked really hard and never wasted his time. He used to call me ‘Intore’ and that will always be in my heart,” Olvis narrated.

Francois Nsanzimfura, a fan who lives in Kabuga, Gasabo District said that Late Buravan inspired him to love, and due to his songs, especially ‘Malayika,  he managed to love, stay faithful, and be married to the woman he loved.

“I like Buravan’s music so much, and so does my wife. He inspired my love for my girlfriend and now my wife. His songs teach us to love. I practiced the love he sang and loved one woman, married her, and now we are married with one child,” Nsanzimfura explained.

Clemence Umutoniwase, a member of the Kingdom of God Ministry where Buravan belonged a couple of years ago said that late Buravan will be missed.

“Buravan was a young man with a big heart, and great mind. He is an icon in Rwandan music, and he will always be a legend,” she said.

On August 23 rd, Buravan was laid to rest at Rusororo cemetery, Gasabo district, Kigali.

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