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Rayon Sports’ Nzove Turf Closed

by Amon Nuwamanya
2:04 pm

Nzove Playground

From Wednesday 24th august, Rwandan topflight giant Rayon sports will not have access to the Nzove training playground pending facelift activities.

The renovation is part of Rwf 1 billion sponsorship agreement running up to 2026 between Skol breweries, the main sponsor of the Blues. The former is the owner of Nzove playground.

“Nzove turf is going to be renovated soon. You know 90% of our national league games are held at artificial playgrounds. As per the agreement with our sponsor, we need a standard artificial turf ,” Nkurunziza Jean Paul Rayon sports Spokesperson confirmed to KT Press.

As an alternative, Rayon Sports will proceed with their trainings at Ruyenzi playground.

Ruyenzi turf that is going to serve Rayon Sports in the meantime

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