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Fresh From His Visit To Rwanda, Gen. Muhoozi Defies Father’s Advice To Stop Tweeting

by Daniel Sabiiti
11:03 am

Gen. Muhoozi is seen of by Generals Willy Rwagasana and Ronald Rwivanga upon concluding his visit to Rwanda.

General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Uganda’s first son and Senior Presidential Advisor in Charge of Special Operations has defied his father’s directives to leave Twitter, his favourite social media platform.

His father, the President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni was quoted by Ugandan media this October 18 saying that “Gen Muhoozi must leave Twitter”

Museveni is said to have had discussions with Muhoozi over his use of the platform in which he had insinuated plans to attack neighboring Kenya’s capital Nairobi in two weeks, a tweet which resulted in counteraction from Kenyans.

The Uganda foreign Affairs ministry immediately responded to Muhoozi’s claims saying he has no authority to speak on issues of foreign affairs in Uganda and neither does the Ugandan government communicate its affairs through social media platforms.

Museveni was yesterday quoted saying that the problem is not the platform but the way his son was using it or what he was tweeting.

Before a day passed Muhoozi had already returned to Twitter with comments which are in response to Kenyans, but also with religious-minded tweets and touching base on his opinion over Uganda’s opposition politician Kizza Besigye.

“I hear some journalist from Kenya asked my father to ban me from Twitter. Is that some kind of joke?? I am an adult and NO ONE will ban me from anything!” Muhoozi said.

This tweet has become very popular but with mixed feelings where some of his followers support his presence on Twitter while others used the opportunity to hit back at the government and Muhoozi in person and his attacks on Kenya.

Gen. Muhoozi says he will continue to speak his mind on Twitter.

“You are a Super Man Afande and Supreme leader to millions let them keep dreaming let’s add fire. Nobody can stop Reggae. Assure them.” One tweet replied.

“Hey! listen, you should halt your jokes about Kenya…. we have a very ardent Twitter president now unlike Uhuru who is your brood friend, the fact that PRESIDENT RUTO came to your land and never gabbed about your lewd jokes of taking Nairobi, doesn’t mean he was happy,” a Kenyan replied.

A few hours later (this Morning) Muhoozi turned to God to ask for his sins to be forgiven.

“In the name of Our God, who is three in One. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Dear God, forgive us sinners for our sins. We are conceived in sin and our life is darkness and toil without You! Find it in Your heart to forgive us, incorrigible sinners!” Muhoozi tweeted.

Gen. Muhoozi is seen as a popular figure on Twitter and his comments on the platform raise a lot of debate and controversy, and one could compare his tweets to the ones of former US President Donald Trump.

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