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Another Member of Parliament Resigns

by Emmy Nuwamanya
4:26 pm

Member of Parliament Jean Pierre Celestin Habiyaremye from the chamber of Deputies has tendered his resignation after serving four years, citing personal reasons.

In an interview with kigalioday.com our sister website, Habiyaremye said that he was summoned by police last week over an offence he committed in 2020.

“My resignation follows a felony I committed March 19, 2020.  I was arrested by police on my way from Musanze district because I had gone beyond COVID-19 curfew hours. That time my car was impounded and I was penalized”, said Habiyaremye.

Following his arrest in 2020, Habiyaremye said, he would later face the parliamentary commission on disciplinary charges, pleaded guilty and promised never to commit the same mistake.

The legislator added that being questioned about a lawbreaking, in addition to videos that have been going viral on social media platforms, showing him arguing with police officers made him take a personal decision to resign.

“I have resigned on personal reasons. I am only looking forward to having the videos not going more viral as they make me uncomfortable,” Habiyaremye said.

Habiyaremye’s resignation follows that of another MP Dr. Gamariel Nzabonimana who also recently resigned for personal reasons. This was after being caught by police breaking the law through drunk driving several times.

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