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Parliament Accepts Resignation of MP Gamariel Mbonimana

by Daniel Sabiiti
10:51 pm

Dr. resigned from Parliament.

The resignation of former Member of Parliament Gamariel Mbonimana has officially been accepted by the parliament chamber of Deputies.

Article 8 of the organic law establishing internal rules of procedure of the chamber of deputies in the parliament states that a Deputy, who resigns from office due to different reasons submits to the Speaker a letter of resignation and reserves a copy to the President of the Republic.

The Speaker forwards it to relevant authorities in a period not exceeding three (3) working days

The same law gives provisions for the chamber of deputies to accept and grant resignation for an MP who has resigned based on personal reasons.

Parliament Vice- Speaker MP Eda Mukabagwiza, who presided over the resignation agenda tabled this afternoon said that based on the organic law this action can proceed as requested in the resignation letter submitted by MP Mbonimana

“Since he (Gamariel Mbonimana) resigned for personal reasons, we (chamber of deputies) announce officially that is no longer a member of parliament in the chamber of deputies,” Mukabagwiza said.

On reading the announcement, there was total silence in the chamber of deputies as thus closure of the agenda of the day, followed by a closed consultative meeting among MPs.

For Mbonimana, who was not in parliament in-person, it means that it will be his last day as a member of parliament, pending his replacement as a member of the Liberal Party of Rwanda (PL) in the house.

Gamariel Mbonimana, who on a PL ticket, has been a legislator in the Lower Chamber of Deputies since 2018, tendered his resignation which was received on Monday, November 14.

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