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Dubai: A Rapidly Growing Destination For Medical Tourism

by Emmy Nuwamanya
5:14 pm

Dubai is the leading medical tourism destination in the middle east and 6th globally.

Besides its breathtaking tourist attractions, from its impressive skyline, to spectacular buildings, glamorous malls, mouth-watering cuisine, high-end restaurants, 5-star hotels, stunning beaches, and dazzling nightlife, Dubai has become the latest trend in medical tourism.

According to the 2020 Medical Tourism index issued by the International Healthcare Research Centre (IHRC), Dubai is number one medical tourism destination in the Arab world, and sixth globally.

According to this report, around 650,000 people traveled from Africa for medical tourism in 2015. The Healthcare system in Dubai is managed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) which has developed medical tourism to attract tourists and improve the city’s economy.

Over the years, the country has invested in healthcare infrastructure with the aim of becoming one of the best medical tourism destinations in the world, rapidly surpassing countries like France and Brazil, with the introduction of an affordable and more effective medical care system.

Dubai Healthcare covers several treatments ranging from dental surgery, cardiac surgery, cosmetic surgeries, psychological treatment, convalescent care, amongst others. Orthopedics, dermatology, and ophthalmology are the most sought-after treatments.

The Arab country also received the highest ranking in the region for its handling of the COVID -19 pandemic.

While Dubai has seen rapid development in its medical tourism market and being a famous medical destination for people in pursuit of cheaper/ more effective medical care, the medical tourism market remains quite competitive. Countries like India, Turkey, Malaysia, Brazil, and Singapore are known for their effective medical treatments, which have been a major source of attraction to international travelers.

What Makes Dubai Your Preferred Medical Tourism Destination

Timely Access to Healthcare Services

Dubai has put in place an efficient healthcare system that enables international visitors to get fast and easy access to any medical treatment. Due to a large number of qualified doctors and nurses in Dubai hospitals, the medical process which usually takes months in other countries is reduced to a day or two in the city.

State-of-the-art Medical Facilities

Lack of medical facilities is one of the major reasons people embark on medical tourism. International travelers who are unable to undergo treatments in their home countries are irresistibly attracted to Dubai for its innovative facilities.

The city has invested heavily in its healthcare system, including the procurement of high-end medical equipment.

Dubai offers world-class healthcare facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology like 3D printing technology for dental treatments and other reconstructive surgeries, wireless brain sensors, and clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) on DNA sequencing.

Medical facilities are designed to ensure that procedures and recuperative needs are effectively carried out for patients. Dubai introduced the use of medical drones for transporting packets of blood to the hardly accessible villages of Rwanda in 2016.

Outstanding Infrastructure

Dubai has marvelous real estate, from the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, to the spectacular beaches, glamorous hotels, splendid weather, and thriving food scene. This accounts for one of the reasons why the country has seen a major boost in its medical Tourism market.

Inexpensive Medical Cost

Due to price regulations and laws put in place by Dubai Health Authority, healthcare institutions in Dubai are directed to maintain reasonable prices. While medical treatment cannot be regarded as cheap, here it is at a lower cost in comparison to places like the United States of America and the United Kingdom. This makes it the perfect destination for travelers who do not have insurance coverage for treatments like skin care, dental treatments, and orthopedics.

Qualified Medical Professionals

Dubai’s healthcare system is home to well-trained and qualified medical experts who acquired training from the top universities around the world. The medical experts have immense knowledge in their respective fields which complements the healthcare facilities put in place.

In Dubai, a medical body oversees and ensures that only highly-trained medical practitioners are licensed to practice medicine. Medical staff display professionalism and are very efficient in carrying out their respective duties. Moreover, they are available 24 hours a day for providing quick and effective medical attention to patients.

Existence of the Medical Tourism Portal

Government initiatives are inarguably one of the driving factors for the development of Medical Tourism in Dubai. The Dubai Health Experience (DXH) portal was launched by the government in 2016, to provide tourists with the best information about medical tourism services.

Through the portal, international travelers can receive information on accredited healthcare providers, book medical appointments, receive medical insurance, accommodation reservation, get information regarding visas, book transportation, amongst other services.

No Language Barrier

Dubai is one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan cities in the world, with almost 200 different nationalities residing in the United Arab Emirates and 80% of the population being emigrants. With the diverse population, there is a host of medical professionals who are well versed in the language of their home country and this helps in erasing the language barrier amongst international travelers looking for medical treatment.

English is most widely used for communication in Dubai and most locals are bilingual, thus creating no communication problem. In situations where communication is a problem, international visitors can hire translators and interpreters who can assist them during their medical tourism.

Dubai makes your preferred medical tourism destination, because health and time are two precious assets.

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