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Nyamagabe: RIB Hunting For Woman Who Murdered Husband

by Emmy Nuwamanya
6:14 am

RIB operatives are looking for Mukamuvara, who is suspected of murdering her husband in Nyamagabe.

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) is looking for Marita Mukamuvara, 50, a resident of Tare sector, Nyamagabe district, who is still at large, after allegedly murdering her husband Xavier Hakizimana, 61.

News about the death of Hakizimana was confirmed February 19, when his body was discovered, secretly buried by his wife in their home backyard, located in Biraro village, at the end of January 2023.

According to Dr Thierry Murangira, RIB spokesperson, they knew about the death of Hakizimana on February 18, suspected to have been killed by his wife Mukamuvara in the night of January 31, 2022, then buried in their home backyard.

“Investigations started immediately, later on the deceased’s remains were discovered and exhumed by the Crime Scene Response Investigators, examined and the results shall be used during prosecution,”

“Authorities are now looking for the suspect, after disappearing, when she knew that information about her evil act had gone public,” said Dr Murangira, adding that the cause of conflict between the couple had always been drunkenness and misappropriation of family property.

Mukamuvara was constantly approached by her children who stay in Kigali through phone, wishing to talk to their father who they had failed to reach via his personal mobile phone.

Hakizimana is known by neighbours for cutting timber, where he sometimes takes long to return home, which kept most of them unsuspicious of any foul play.

According to one local leader in Tare sector, David Mporayonzi, the couple has 4children, the oldest aged 29. With the help of the young one, aged 8, who stays with the mother, the other children who stay in Kigali talked to their mother on phone, asking her why their father’s phone has not been going through. She only told them to stop bothering her.

Mukamuvara responded rudely “Stop asking me, he is dead, I buried him and am fed up with this kind of life. Am also tired of looking after your young sibling and am going to commit suicide.”

She further confessed to her eldest son that his father came home drunk, initiated a fight, then fell down and died instantly. After this incident Mukamuvara further told the son that she later buried him in the backyard.

With this devastating information, the children decided to inform the village chief, requesting for investigation into their father’s death. On February 18 and 19, local authorities searched the backyard and later discovered where Hakizimana was buried and exhumed his remains.

The couple has been known for having conflicts once in a while, each of them accusing the other of bad behaviour, resulting from alcoholism.
Mukamuvara still remains at large, nobody knows if she is still alive or committed suicide like she revealed to her eldest son the last they talked together, on Friday 17, 2023.


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