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Rwanda Eyes Signing 3rd European Football Club Partnership

by Daniel Sabiiti
3:03 pm

Arsenal, PSG and who is next?

President Paul Kagame has revealed that Rwanda will soon sign a football sponsorship deal with a third team in the European champions league.

Currently, Rwanda has signed partnership deals with the English Football clubs- Arsenal FC, and France’s Paris Saint Germain of which Kagame said that both deals have seen impressive returns on investment and thus opening a window for another deal in the pipeline.

According to Rwanda Development Board (RDB), the football sponsorship deals have enabled the country to increase tourism activities through the ‘Visit Rwanda’ campaign.

Despite the cynicism around Rwanda investing in such big deals, Kagame said that the benefits are more than anticipated.

For instance, Kagame said that for the Arsenal deal, Rwanda has had a better deal and it gets better every time, especially when the mathematics and benefits are calculated- on how many have learned about Rwanda, and based on that visited and invested in the country.

“It surpasses by far what we invested in this partnership ourselves. We invested something in the partnership and getting more, by a big factor.” Kagame said while briefing a press conference this Wednesday.

As an Arsenal fan himself, Kagame said that if his club becomes the champions this season, this will be reaping a lot for the country and so will other investors in the club.

Currently, Arsenal is leading the Premier league 2022-23 table with 60 points followed by Manchester City 55’ and Manchester United 49’

Without giving much attention to the prejudices around these deals, Kagame said that Rwanda was not wasting resources and in fact planning on signing another deal soon or later.

“We are having another one coming up with another famous football team,” Kagame said, “when you see us going after one after another we know what we are pursuing, and that’s not to lose money.”

The President didn’t reveal the name of the said club.

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