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Salary Increase Possible, Though No Specific Time Can Be Pledged-Kagame

by Emmy Nuwamanya
2:34 pm

Medical personnel among those who need salary increment most, according to the media

In a press conference held at Urugwiro Village on Wednesday March 01, President Paul Kagame said that he is optimistic that after salary increment for teachers in public schools, other sectors could follow suit, based on how the government attains resources.

The president was responding to a reporter who asked why other professions including medical staff, those in the Justice sectors and others have not been considered, yet they keep anticipating salary increments, like it was with the teachers.

In August 2022, the government announced a salary increment for primary teachers, up to 88 per cent, among other things, aimed to improve their welfare and improve quality of education.

 While addressing the press, President Paul Kagame said the government will do the best to find where there are available resources, put to hold areas that are not so bad, to uplift those lagging behind.

Kagame further remarked that, a lot of efforts have been made in the past to see how there can be a rise in workers’ salaries or having supplementary allowances, including the medical personnel.

 “It is a government principle, to devise means, though solutions can’t be reached within a single day, concurrently, because of limited resources. I believe that before we return to the teachers, we shall first consider other sectors, to enable them to also get a helpful take-home pay. It is possible, although no specific time can be pledged,” said President Kagame.

The Head of State also told the press that the Government will always look at the size of its coffers and priorities, to consider the implementation of any policy.

“We are always mindful, not only to specific people or wish for individuals, leaving out others. It is also my wish, but faced with reality, sometimes which does not come up to everyone’s expectations, because resources are limited and we don’t always get what we wish or promise,”  the President added.

President Kagame reminded the press that since human needs are endless, he believes that an addition to one’s monthly package, like it was done with teachers, enables the beneficiary to take a step ahead in their life.

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