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 Alliah Cool Rejoices after ‘The Choice Award’

by Yedidiya Tuyisenge
1:15 pm

Alliah Cool

Actress Alliah Cool , real name Alliance Isimbi has expressed her excitement after taking home the award of Best Influencer of the year in “The Choicde Award”, April 30.

After winning the award, Alliah thanked everyone behind her performance in 2022 and Kigali Babes Boss for their contribution to her fame. She further thanked God and encouraged people to change their attitudes and believe. 

“We can achieve anything if we just believe in our abilities and work hard through any problems that come our way. Our beliefs control results – if we don’t believe in something we will never act upon it. We can have the abilities to do many great things but if we don’t have the drive in it then it is all for nothing. You must also have belief not only when we are at the top of our game, but also at the bottom,” she said. 

“Leave no doubt in your mind that you can achieve anything by working on any weak aspects of yourself. Turn them into your strengths. Remove any impossible thoughts or limitations and believe there is a way to achieve anything you desire”.

Alliah Cool won this award defeating some of the famous artists including Mutesi Scovia, Mukansanga Salima and Mutesi Jolly. This award is given to someone who is the most popular artist on social media also influencing his/her audience.

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