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Bank of Kigali Pledges More Support to Muhanga Investors

by Daniel Sabiiti
11:59 am

BK CEO Diane Karusisi addressing the investors

The Bank of Kigali (BK) has promised cooperation and financial support for customers in Muhanga to expand their investments, especially large operations at the Muhanga industrial zone.

The commitment was made by Dr. Diane Karusisi, the BK Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who stated that Muhanga district private sector has made huge progress that will enable them to work with the bank especially taking advantage of the new BK loan services aimed at increasing investments.

Some of the businesses that need BK to expand

Dr. Karusisi said that with the recent establishment of the BK department for Agriculture and Livestock, the bank welcomes investors in the sector as well plan to offer long-term investment in the construction of industries, which will help industries that are being built in Muhanga Industrial Area, and their staff.

Meeting with BK CEO Diane Karusisi

“We visited different investments in Muhanga and the industrial area, we explained to them our new plans because the bank has increased loans in agriculture and invested a lot of money that is not found in other banks,” Karusisi said.

She noted that the bank is happy to see progress and investments in  Muhanga of which the bank will engage in through partnerships.

The vice Mayor of Muhanga District in charge of Economic Development, Eric Bizimana, said that the cooperation between Bank of Kigali and Muhanga District is very helpful in their development.

Muhanga vice mayor Eric Bizimana

Bizimana said that there is need for support, especially to expand the performance in rural areas, because development activities are being implemented in these areas which are lacking sound banking services.

For instance, the employees of Nyabikenke Hospital were reported to need banking services and opening accounts with BK.

“The Nyabikenke hospital will have many employees, but they need to have a BK branch so that they can access BK services more easily. We would like you to transfer these services to the Muhanga branch to make it easier for this community,” Bizimana said.

BK CEO Diane Karusisi with investors

He lauded BK’s cooperation with investment partners in Muhanga which he said it has promoted investment, and will continue to expand especially with new investors in the industrial area.

Karusisi assured Nyabikenke residents that there will be an assessment on the need to set up a branch or improve the capacity of the BK agents.

BK CEO(R) visiting the Muhanga industrial zone

Local investors in Muhanga district said that they need to work with BK as a trusted financial partner, because of its track record in financially transforming lives of Rwandans.

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