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WASAC Staff Reminded to Work Harder Because ‘Water Is Life’

by Jean Felix Muhire
2:11 pm

The best employees with CEO Umuhumuza

 As Rwanda celebrates the International Labor Day, the Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC), pledges to offer better services to its esteemed customers.

In a celebration which was marked by a reflection on the linkage between the essential services provided by WASAC and this year’s labor day theme: “Skills, productive and decent job, the pillar for common better future”, the Acting CEO of WASAC Gisele Umuhumuza, reminded the staff who had come in a huge number at the Headquarters – Kigali that all eyes are on them, because “Water is Life”.

“We cannot achieve our collective and individual goals without learning from what we failed to achieve, what we achieved and what enabled us to achieve it. I therefore request all of us to spare some time and reflect on our individual performance, areas we need to improve and experience gained over the last years and make personal growth goals in our career and our individual contribution towards our collective mandate as WASAC”.

We may agree that we have made progress as per the national census, but we still have a long way to go to provide clean water to the citizens, Umuhumuza added.

WASAC CEO(L) recognizing the overall best employee of the year

Umuhumuza said they are working tirelessly to build more water treatment plants, replace old pipes, get timely information related to water leaks and losses for quick interventions and improve customer relations.

“There are some areas where our services are not well appreciated. The feedback we receive from clients help us to improve.”

She furthermore added that as they improve services delivery to the general public, it is important to also care for WASAC employees’ welfare, medical tests for better health on regular basis as well as training opportunities to ensure quality work.

 Employees Speak out

 On this occasion, employees were given an opportunity to express themselves through their representatives.

Vedaste Tuyisenge

Vedaste Tuyisenge, the representative of the Employees’ Syndicate at WASAC, thanked the management for helping them to set up and sustain their solidarity fund which helps WASAC labors through short term and low interest loans.

The celebration of labor day was also a good opportunity to recognize outstanding performance among the staff.

Among the 45 outstanding employees in different categories, Joy Mbabazi from the finance directorate was awarded as the overall best employer for the year 2022 – 2023.

Pascal Namahoro was awarded as the best employees in Branches, while Emmanuel Nsabimana took home the award of best employee in Water Treatment Plants.


Prizes included a certificate of appreciation, and a HP laptop.

“We should always have that mindset to deliver beyond expectations. Working hard is my secret, and my motto,” Mbabazi, the overall winner told said.

 The celebration of labor day was also an occasion for WASAC management to publicly appreciate 16 retired employees who were also honored for their invaluable contribution.

Fundi Eneas

One of them, Fundi Eneas  who was employed when the utility was known as ELECTROGAZ expressed his gratitude for WASAC management.

He said: “Thank you dear leaders for recognizing my efforts to contribute to water sector. I served this company for nearly 30 years.”

 The utility was founded in 1939,at its foundation it was a utility in charge for both water and energy under the name REGIDESO that became ELECTROGAZ in 1976, RECO-RWASCO in 2008, then in  2014 EWSA was split into Rwanda Energy Group Limited (REG Ltd) and Water & Sanitation Corporation Ltd (WASAC Ltd).

The awards

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