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Huye City Gains Two Four-Star Hotels

by Jean Felix Muhire
2:54 pm

Huye is now home two four-star hotels, Credo Hôtel, left and Boni Consilii.

Two hotels in Huye district have been awarded four-star status in a move aimed at upgrading the secondary city into a preferred destination for meetings, conferences and other activities.

The two hospitality facilities, Boni Consilii and Credo Hotel, were given the new status by Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

The Classification certificates, signed by Clare Akamanzi, the Chief Executive Officer of RDB, are valid until May 26, 2025.

The certificates were issued to two hotels after the extensive renovation activities to upgrade the facilities to the desired levels, which would allow them to accommodate international guests and host bigger events.

For instance; Credo Hotel, located near the University of Rwanda, Huye campus, refurbished some of the key amenities such as the swimming pool while Mater Boni Consilii renovated the wellness and fitness facilities, restaurant as well as a fresh touch of paint on the walls.

Though Boni Consilii has no swimming pool, it is planned that the guests will be using the swimming pool of a neighboring hotel known as Four Steps, popularly known as ‘Petit Prince’. 

Observers say this development will enable the newly categorized hotels to host events of international nature and accommodate football teams participating in international matches that may be held at the Huye Stadium, such as African Cup of Nations Qualifiers.

Is the upgrade linked to CAF requirements?

In March, this year, Confederation of African Football (CAF) informed the Rwanda Football Association (FERWAFA), that Huye Stadium would not be allowed the game between Rwanda and Benin due to the fact that there were no eligible hotels to host international teams.

FERWAFA immediately appealed but the decision remained the same. The return game was eventually hosted in Kigali at the Kigali Pelé Stadium. This was mainly because there were not hotels with the required CAF standards in Huye.

At the time, but the renovation activities at Boni Consilii and Credo hotel were carried out so that at least the next games will be played at Huye Stadium.

As communicated by FERWAFA on May 27, via Twitter, Huye Stadium has been approved by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to host international games.

The upgrade and rating of the two hotels therefore could be linked to the decision, with the two hotels now able to accommodate the home team and visitors.

CAF usually stipulates that for a stadium to be allowed to host international matches, one of several conditions is to be close to at least three four-star hotels and this was the condition that ruled out Huye Stadium.

This means that Credo, Mater Boni Consilii and Four Steps hotels will be used to accommodate those who will participate in the Africa Cup of Nations 2023 qualifiers where Rwanda will play with Mozambique on June 18, before facing Senegal on September 4, 2023.




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