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First Lady Commends Green Hills’ Contribution To Education On 20th Graduation

by Daniel Sabiiti
6:39 pm

The First Lady Mrs. Kagame and other officials poses with Green Hills Academy graduates. Photos/Moses Niyonzima/KT

The First Lady Mrs. Jeannette Kagame on Saturday attended the 20th graduation cohort at Green Hills Academy, hailing to school for its contribution to the country’s human capital by producing young, talented, ambitious and hardworking graduates.

The 87 students received their graduation certificates this June 17, 2023, at a ceremony held in Kigali following the completion of one of the most comprehensive secondary school courses offered in the country, and in the region.

Mrs. Kagame said that the graduates have been blessed with exposure to a number of cultures and backgrounds, and the wealth that this nurtured will enable them to thrive anywhere in the world.

‘Wherever your bright future takes you, remember to use every skill you have been granted, to make the world around you better, starting with your communities,” Mrs. Kagame said.

Mrs. Kagame hailed GHA for its contribution to the education sector.

The First Lady asked the students to continue being impactful in their communities by going beyond solving complex equations, or drafting essays, or excelling at sports which the student have been able to do in many ways.

For instance, Mrs. Kagame cited examples of how GHA students have pooled funds to pay school fees for a Rutunga school student, participated in environmental protection and cleanliness during the Umuganda monthly general cleaning.

She also highlighted how the GHA Mutuelle challenge that aims to raise Rwf6 million to pay community-based health insurance cards for low-income vulnerable single mothers, teenage mothers and their children in Rubavu district, has been a mantle this year and testament to a Rwandan and African fundament of cohabitation.

The First Lady said that whether the students are Rwandan or not they should not stop watering their initiatives and tasked the graduates, who are moving into the adulthood stage of life, to become a beaming light to their community in their choices and actions, as decisionmakers, opinion leaders or even parents.

Mrs. Kagame commended the school for its contribution to Rwanda’s human capital.

Mrs. Kagame shared three reminders that can make decision making easier, in testing, trying or tempting times especially in a world where success and failure are sides of the same coin of the world that the graduates are walking into.

These are: The first is that in the long run, only hard and smart work pays off. In the end, talent or privilege pale in worth, compared to that of dedication and discipline.

The second is that decency is owed to us all, but respect is earned, through moral and ethical choices, through consideration for one another, through vision and positive ambition.

The third tenet is that the graduates must always remember that tomorrow is not promised; it is built, brick by brick. Thus, one is the architect of fate and the author to their story of life.

“Every day beyond this one, I urge you all, cherished GHA 2023 cohort, to make us, through your good judgement, through your ambition, through your hard work, as proud as you have rendered us today,” Mrs. Kagame said and hoped that the GHA continues to produce students of the same kind in future.

The First Lady also used the opportunity to thank the dedicated educators and parents for the young graduates who have been raised so gracefully to embody the ultimate pride of the nation (Rwanda).

The minister of education, Dr. Valentine Uwamariya thanked the First Lady for being one of the people behind the achievements in the education system and laying a foundation to attain the 2050 goals where Rwanda strives to become an advanced economy with a market driven education system through a reformed education sector.

The Minister of Education, Dr. Valentine Uwamariya speaks during the graduation ceremony.

“Join me to recognize and thank our First Lady for being one of those who laid the foundation for Rwanda. Not only through Green Hills Academy but also through Imbuto Foundation, to support the education system in Rwanda,” Uwamariya said.

As a symbol of wishing well and welcoming the graduates (GHA Class of 2023) to the Alumni Community; Mrs. Kagame joined the students and cut a cake that was decorated with green which are the colours used on the GHA symbols.

The graduating students also had a photo opportunity with the First Lady Jeannette Kagame and other senior officials, including the Minister of Education, GHA Chairman Faustin Kananura Mbundu and others.

The First Lady cut a cake with the graduates to celebrate the milestone.

Singer Mike Kayihura speaks to the students.


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