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Renowned Pastor Antoine Rutayisire Retires

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
4:47 pm

Slicing the cake

The Anglican Church, Giposoro Parish in capital Kigali yesterday participated in a send off ceremony for their Senior Pastor Antoine Rutayisire who retired from his functions.

“I am retiring from the functions of a pastor, now having to be much closer to my family, but I will continue to preach the Word of God. So, we are still together,” Pastor Rutayisire said.

The Archbishop of the Anglican church of Rwanda, Dr. Laurent Mbanda appreciated the contribution of Pastor Rutayisire not only in spreading the Word of God, but also in promoting the church’s social-development activities, including renovation of the church and schools of the parish.

The Chief Executive officer, Rwanda Governance Board, Usta Kayitesi was not far from this. She said that Pastor Rutayisire has been instrumental in teaching the Word of God, while minding the problems of the community.

Pastor Antoine Rutayisire shows the key of a car he was given by christians of Giporoso

“You cannot talk about God without being concerned by the life of the society, drawing them from poverty. Doing the work of the Lord is to be mindful of the problems of Rwandan citizens,” she said.

Rutayisire, Doctor in Theology served his church in various capacity, including, as a pastor of Saint Etienne Parish in Biryogo since 2008 before being relocated to Giporoso Parish.

Between 2002 and 2011, Rutayisire was also president of National Unity and Reconciliation Commission where he gave a great contribution in uniting Rwandans through his own testimony, the preaching of asking for pardon and giving pardon.

His straightforwardness made him a person many love to listen to.

In the system of the Anglican church, the retirement age for pastors and bishops is 65 years.

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