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Rwanda: Ten Local Government Officials Dismissed Over Jeopardizing National Unity

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
11:31 am

L-R: Ramuli Janvier, Uwanyirigira Marie Chantal and Nzeyimana Jean Marie Vianney

Nine officials from three districts of the Northern Province, and one senior official from the province have been removed from their positions for failure to safeguard Rwanda’s unity.

The background of the issue could be, among others, a gathering of July 9 in Kinigi, Musanze district of the Northern Province with topic of the day; inauguration of the Chief of Abakono clan-Kwimika umutware w’abakono.

It is a case that came with bad taste where the community found it an event that was not worth it because “it has tendencies of division”, despite Rwanda’s determination to live together in unity.

The Rwanda Patriotic Front(RPF Inkotanyi) on July 18 wrote a communique calling upon its members to uphold national unity and avoid cases like this that would return the country into divisions and related consequences.

During RPF’s consultative meeting on national unity, July 23, Justin Kazoza who was the host of the said gathering in the capacity of the so called Umutware w’abakono apologized for bringing together people for an event that was not necessary.

Similarly, several officials who had responded to Kazoza’s invitation apologized, but, the Abakono event is not the only case that the officials have to respond to.

Speaking during an interview at Radio Rwanda this morning, the Minister of Local Government Jean Claude Musabyimana said that in the Northern province where he personally hails from, nepotism, regionalism which can even be seen in small groups that seek to fight for selfish interests.

“We know cases where people decide not to go seek justice or have local authorities address their grievances, but elect a chief who would act as their leader,” Musabyimana said.

“In a similar scenario, some groups elected a responsible person who would collect the community health insurance contributions, and plan the community patrol-irondo to protect themselves.”

A communique from the Prime Minister’s office that was issued yesterday is an indication that it was not over for the officials who failed to do a discernment.

The communique said that for failure to uphold national unity which is the key pillar of the government, several officials were dismissed.

The list include Geoffrey Mushaija who was the executive secretary of the Northern Province. Upon removal, he was replaced by Nzabonimpa Emmanuel on acting basis.

Mushaija Geoffrey

In Musanze district where the Abakono meeting took place, four officials were dismissed and they include Ramuli Janvier, the district mayor who was replaced by Bizimana Hamiss

Axelle Kamanzi, the vice mayor in charge of social affairs was also dismissed and so was Innocent Twagirimana, the executive secretary of Kinigi sector where the event took place.

Musabyimana François, in charge of Administration and Finance also followed his bosses.

In Musanze, Andrew Rucyahana Mpuhwe who was vice mayor in charge of Economic Affairs resigned earlier, July 24 over the same meeting of Abakono.

In Gakenke district also four officials were dismissed, including the district mayor, Jean Marie Vianney Nzeyimana who was dismissed and replaced by Aimé François Niyonsenga.

In Burera district, Uwanyirigira Marie Chantal, the district mayor was also dismissed.

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