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Nyamagabe Residents Remove House Built on Top of Mass Grave of Genocide Victims

by Daniel Sabiiti
8:48 pm

The house was built on top of remains of Genocide victims

Mbazi Sector  residents in Nyamagabe District have demolished a house which was constructed on top of pits containing remains of bodies of victims of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi were dumped.

Search for the remains started last week in the area and according to the Mbazi Executive Secretary, Valens Ndagijimana the decision was taken following evidence that the house owner (Félicien Mbonyumukiza) had constructed it to conceal evidence of the genocide victims.

Ndagijimana said that activities to exhume the remains have now take eight days and ongoing following information provided by citizens.

“This activity is still on going to find other bodies around his property in the area,” he added.

He stated that one pit is in the backyard where three bodies were exhumed last week; and another pit in front of the house where the search will proceed this Wednesday.

The local leader said that the property owner Mbonyumukiza denied knowledge about the remains and said that his brother Faustin Nkurunziza, a former convict, who is currently in the wind and also allegedly denies knowledge about the bodies found at their home.

Search proceeds in the pits

Ndagijimana stated that the pits were dug after the genocide and the bodies were relocated there as a way of concealing evidence of the genocide crimes committed in the area.

So far, five pits  that are alleged to contain the remains of genocide victims have been discovered and officials say that the search for more will go on.

By press time, Kigali Today reported that five suspects (most of them above 50 years) were being held at the RIB Gasaka station for more investigation.

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