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Rwanda Day: Tech Innovations To Be Showcased in Washington DC

by Daniel Sabiiti
12:17 am

Rwanda techies will take center stage at the upcoming two-day Rwanda Day 2024 due to kick off this Friday February 2, 2024, in Washington DC.

The Ministry of ICT, through the Private Sector Federation ICT Chambers, will give tech companies and innovations a platform to showcase and welcome participants to the country’s ICT ecosystem showcase, as an illuminating companion to Rwanda Day.

“Our primary objective is to provide exposure to Tech companies and innovators from Rwanda and a chance to showcase their service/Product, through the booklet pages you will find how to connect with companies,” the ICT chambers said.

The tech showcase will have from pioneers in digital solutions to trailblazers in cutting-edge technologies, these companies embody the spirit of progress that propels Rwanda towards a future defined by technological excellence.

Some of Rwanda’s tech companies are in the areas of fintech, agritech, agrotech, space, drones & robotics, bpo & global sourcing, e-commerce & e-services and edtech. others are in media-tech, biotech and hubs, incubators & accelerators.

Some of these include: Pindo which has an ambitious mission to empower 30% of illiterate Sub-Saharan Africans with seamless access to digital services, Bridge2Rwanda which prepares around 30 students each year to win full scholarships to study abroad, primarily to elite private schools in the U.S. through the B2R Scholars Program.

Also joining the rest is Eden Care, which is an innovative digital health insurance and health & wellness startup headquartered in Kigali, Rwanda with a core focus is on delivering holistic solutions for individuals and businesses.

Zorabots Africa- an Edtech company specialized in humanoid robots used in health care, education, mining, energy and industry will also be present.

Also featuring in this show is TechAffinity, a technology-driven custom software solutions company, founded in the year 2000 in Tampa Bay, Florida. Since its inception, it delivered unrivaled custom software solutions for startups, small businesses, medium enterprises and large corporations irrespective of their industry.

Broadband System Corporation (BSC), mandated with rolling out a nationwide fiber optic network will show its success story of connecting Rwandans in this digital generation as the country eyes 5G internet usage.

The successful journey of the deployment of the fiber optic network has covered over 8000 Kilometers in 30 districts advancing Rwanda’s mission of becoming the ICT hub of Africa. Fast forward to today, BSC has grown to be an experienced Information technology company that provides world-class broadband connectivity and solutions to empower citizens, communities, government, and businesses in Rwanda and the region.

SOLVIT AFRICA which draws its inspiration from three words: “SOLVE,” which conveys the idea of addressing issues or resolving problems; “IT,” which not only stands for Information Technology but can also refer to “it” in general; and finally, “AFRICA,” the continent will show how it plans to empower the youth with the necessary skills to tackle the unique challenges faced by the continent.


Located at the heart of Africa – Rwanda, Guez Show was built on a deep commitment to sharing the rich cultural heritage of Africa with the rest of the world through meticulous storytelling and breathtaking visuals. The founders believe that animation is a powerful tool for showcasing our stories, and we are committed to using cutting-edge technology to bring these stories to life.

Also present will be one of the first innovation hubs- kLab (Knowledge Lab) which is a unique open technology hub in Kigali where students, fresh graduates, young entrepreneurs, and innovators work on their ideas/projects to turn them into viable business models.

With more than 10 years in the ecosystem, kLab has supported various members (more than 2,700 members in both talent and techentrepreneurs) who were natured and mentored through kLab programs to sustain and address community challenges.

The ICT chambers said that this will give participants a chance to meet and interact with and learn from narratives of these dynamic organizations, each contributing to the evolution of Rwanda’s tech ecosystem.

“Together, we embark on a journey of collaboration, inspiration, and shared aspirations for a future where innovation knows no bounds,” the ICT Chambers stated.

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