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Minister Utumatwishima Intervenes in King James’ Loan Claim

by Eddy Abayisenga
9:42 pm

Abdallah Utumashimwa, the Rwanda’s Minister of Youth and Arts, has spoken about the loan claim, which involves Rwandan singer-songwriter James Ruhumuriza, popularly known as King James, and Rwandan Sweden-based pastor Blaise Ntezimana.

Since a couple of days, a case emerged involving one Ntezimana accused King James of withholding a whopping $30,000 that was intended to be used for their joint venture.

He took to X to call on the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, to step in and help him obtain the justice before Minister Utumashimwa gatecrashed the case and urged the youth ‘not be distracted by Blaise Ntezimana.’

“He (Ntezimana) is a good friend of King James,” Utumashimwa wrote on X today.

“He gave King James $30,000 without a contract, and they worked together on a business that failed.”

Utumashimwa divulged that he has spoken with both Ntezimana and King James, insisting that the latter is willing to repay the money but only through the courts because both sides failed to reach a mutual agreement.

Ntezimana claimed that he gave King James $30,000 in 2021 that should have been invested in the singer’s business of maize flour production.

He alleged that King James did not fulfill their agreement and repudiated to repay the money, which Ntezimana claimed he borrowed from a bank in Sweden where he lives.

Ntezimana expressed the financial burden he has been carrying, including an interest-bearing bank loan, the attorney’s allowance, and the cost of the airplane tickets he needed to follow his case before Rwanda Investigation Board (RIB).

He beseeched Paul Kagame for assistance, asserting that King James is reluctant to repay him even though the Pala Pala hit-maker accepts the loan.

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