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BK Golf Tournament Attracts Africa CEOs

by Daniel Sabiiti
7:16 pm

The Bank of Kigali-BK Golf Tournament kicked off in Kigali attracting players who participated in the just concluded 2024 Africa CEOs Forum (ACF) in Kigali.

The 11th ACF, which took place on May 16-17, brought together over 2,000 business leaders, investors, and policymakers from Africa and around the world to highlight the driving role of the private sector in the development of the continent. As part of the closing activities of the forum, the Bank of Kigali organized the BK Golf Tournament.

The tournament attracted around 80 delegates of the Africa CEO Forum in the event that embraced diversity and inclusivity, camaraderie, and spirited competition but also providing a networking opportunity to foster relationships between international and local CEOs by spending additional time together on the golf course.

The CEOs who played in this weekend’s game said that it was a great idea to throw in the BK Golf Tournament at the end of the forum because it allows CEOs to unwind, relax; and experience life in Kigali.

It was a great idea for the Bank of Kigali to invite us to play. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning to say how it is going to be, but I was received well and the golf course here is very wonderful,” said Vizenge M. Kumwenda, the Managing Director, National Insurance Company Limited- NICO Group Plc-Malawi.

Kumwenda stated that the tourney was well organized and acclaimed Rwanda for its progress in the economy and also for offering high-end golf for visitors coming to Rwanda but was impressed by the fact that Rwanda has more female caddies.

I must say it is my first time to have a lady caddie. I really appreciate it and I will surely come back because I think there is a lot more to see out there (in Rwanda),” Kumwenda said.

Kumwenda noted that he was impressed and mesmerized by the clean roads, high-end golf course, and club in Kigali- which he said is something that Malawi can learn from Rwanda.

As the golf edition sponsor, the Bank of Kigali underscored its commitment to fostering business relationships and supporting local sports and leisure in Rwanda.

Levi Gasangwa, the Bank of Kigali’s Chief Business and Corporate Solutions encouraged people in Rwanda to play golf as it has no boundaries but instead brings together people of different walks of life.

The most important thing is to participate. I think it is a beautiful game. The game of golf reflects the business world in so many ways. On these fairways, we get to learn dedication, excellence; skill, and most importantly- integrity,” Gasangwa said.

Gasangwa appreciated the tournament organizers including the BK marketing team, and invited the Africa CEO’s Forum participants to come to Rwanda for the upcoming and remaining BK golf editions this year.

The BK Golf Tournament also witnessed a partial launch of the upgraded state-of-the-art clubhouse at the Kigali Golf Club, which is expected to be officially inaugurated in December 2024.

Winners of the edition received their awards at the new clubhouse and many showed excitement to start using the upgraded structure which comes following the launch of a new multibillion 18-hole golf course in Kigali in 2021.

Cecilia Misari, the best player in the women’s category of Handicap 0-18, who failed to perform well in the February edition due to rains, said that the new facility will improve the love for golfing in Rwanda.

Other Winners

Zoe Lin emerged as the best female player (Handicap 19-36) followed by Nelvey Antao and Sheetak Philip.

Among the seniors, Joseph Ntambara once again dominated the category as seen in the previous edition.

The men’s Handicap 19-28 category was won by Arnold Kwizera; Handicap 10-18 by Dr. Roger Bayingana – who had initially pulled out of the game; and in the Handicap 0-9- which is considered the power or pressure group, Wasim Shakil emerged overall winner.

However, the edition also awards its guest players category which was won by Kihara Maina, followed by Christian Bwakira and Alban Luggatto respectively.

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