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Rwanda: The Target of An Unprecedented Global Media Campaign

by Ignatius R. Kabagambe
3:57 am

Rubavu, a quick growing city on the shore of Lake Kivu

Charles Onyango-Obbo recently wrote on his X handle about an unusual journalistic endeavor: “In an unprecedented move, 50 journalists from 17 media outlets in 11 (mostly European) countries got together on an alleged $2 million joint project to ‘investigate’ just one country – Rwanda. The media, including Der Spiegel (Germany), Le Monde (France), The Guardian (UK), and Haaretz (Israel) have published a series of critical supplements. Kigali – or President Paul Kagame – seems to have upset some people somewhere in the world big time. This is likely the first such coordinated global media effort against a single country – particularly an African one – at this scale.”

Why Is Rwanda Under Scrutiny?

– Reasons for Backlash
– What has Rwanda done to deserve this backlash?
– Who facilitates those seeking to halt Rwanda’s progress?
– Can the negative forces derail the country’s forward surge?

Rwanda’s Dual Spotlight

Negative Attention
Rwanda’s notable success threatens established interests, particularly those of powerful nations that have historically thrived on domination and exploitation. Rwanda’s consistent economic, political, and social sustainability poses a challenge to these norms, inspiring other countries to follow its path and drawing the ire of those who prefer the status quo.

Positive Attention
Rwanda’s significant and transformative achievements naturally attract global media attention. The news media thrives on extraordinary stories, and Rwanda’s progress provides fertile ground for coverage. Over the last 30 years, Rwanda has been unrivaled in unconventional policy formulation and execution, impacting the lives of its people positively. This success from an African state, where sustainable functionality is often unexpected, draws attention and action to reinstate it to a perceived “rightful place.”

Rwanda’s Unyielding Spirit

Rwanda’s resilience dates back to the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. When the politically bankrupt regime of the time was near defeat, France intervened by establishing Zone Turquoise in Southwestern Rwanda to prevent Kagame’s forces from triumphing. Despite these efforts, Kagame’s forces were never stopped. This resilience has continued, shaping the national psyche with the belief that determination can overcome any challenge.

Current Diplomatic Wins

In recent times, Kagame’s government has forged working relationships with countries like France, which previously sought to prevent Rwanda’s rise. The UK has also partnered with Rwanda, passing a law to relocate illegal migrants to Rwanda, thereby bolstering Kigali’s diplomatic clout. These alliances open inroads for further collaboration, showcasing Rwanda’s ability to navigate complex international relations.

Regional Security Efforts

Rwandan troops are currently maintaining order in the Central African Republic and will soon double their forces in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado region, showing their commitment to regional stability. This is a stark contrast to the Southern African Development Community (SADC), which has focused its military support on the DRC government against M23 rebels, a group openly supported by Kagame.

The Regional Conflict Dynamics

Despite the coalition of DRC, South Africa, Tanzania, Burundi, Malawi, and various militia groups against M23, the coalition has struggled. Kagame’s alleged support for M23 if true, should be seen as a highlight of Rwanda’s influence and the complexity of regional politics. It would mean that the coalition’s inability to defeat M23 underscores the effectiveness and resilience of Rwanda’s strategic approach.

The International Perception

Kagame’s actions have drawn both admiration and opposition. He has consistently explained Rwanda’s involvement in protecting marginalized communities, referencing Rwanda’s history of suffering under bad governance and the indifference of the international community. Kagame’s vow to support justice in Africa resonates with many but also attracts significant opposition.

The Unrelenting Journey

Rwanda’s journey over the past 30 years has been marked by resilience, strategic choices, and justified causes. The country’s achievements have led to both accolades and adversaries. How Kigali remains unfazed and continues to succeed lies in its thorough preparation and strategic selection of battles.

Rwanda’s story is one of remarkable transformation and unwavering resolve, exemplifying how a small nation can make significant strides despite formidable opposition.


Rwanda’s journey of resilience and innovation continues to inspire many while challenging established norms. The country’s success, particularly under President Kagame’s leadership, demonstrates that determination and strategic foresight can lead to extraordinary achievements, even in the face of significant opposition.

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