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Bamboo Gorilla Stage Irresistible at Kwita-Izina

by Kalinda Brenda
11:58 pm
Kwita-Izina stage design depicts a mountain gorilla

Kwita-Izina stage design depicts a mountain gorilla

This Year’s Kwita Izina-an annual Gorilla naming ceremony will leave an everlasting memory to participants expected at the event on Friday.

The stage for this event is designed to reflect a mature silverback gorilla built with bamboo raised five meters high and can be seen from a distance.

“We tried to create a long lasting image of the event that will always define the Kwita Izina event.”  said Maurice Munyentwali of RDB, adding that ‘This will continue to be the stage appearance of the event in more years to come until further notice.”

The eye cannot resist starring at a set of an artistic gorilla that is erected for the annual Kwita Izina ceremony where members of global conservation organizations will join Rwandans at Kinigi , Musanze district in Northern Rwanda

Simple but creative and meaningful elements make up the stage for Kwita Izina ceremony that is taking place on the 2nd September 2016.

Matt Deely, with 10 years of experience in set design for performances, designed the set that has so far made people talk endlessly.

Deely the brain behind the artistic stage for Kwita Izina is driven by passion for performance, music, drama and enjoys the collaboration process and team work.

He told KT Press that it took him one month to design the stage that will symbolize the event for everyone.

“The set is unique and creative but not far from the Kwita Izina. Am sure everyone who can see it can easily sense its description,” He said.

Narrating his experience on the re-structure of this set, he said that he used bamboo instead of any other material because of his appreciation of nature but also in some way matching the event.

“Bamboo sticks describe the nature of Gorillas, it also represents their home and this combination makes magic,” He explained.

Deely was also inspired by the residents in Kinigi who say they don’t easily get access to attend the Kwita Izina event.

“When I was asked to design the set, I had to visit the site before anything else. I talked to the people around the area and their experience was an inspiration,” Deely said.

“Many complain that they are limited to the venue. That made me create a huge set that everyone can see from a distance. The set is 5meters high.”

The gorilla shape of the set portrays the importance of protecting mountain gorillas as well as promoting the tourism industry.

This year 21 baby mountain gorillas are expected to be named by various personalities.


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