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Catholic Church Renounces Rwandan Politician Returning from France

by Dan Ngabonziza
7:28 pm

Catholic Church in Rwanda says Thomas Nahimana is no longer its priest and operates independently where he lives in exile

Fresh from making historic apology for its role in the 1994 against Tutsis, the Catholic Church now denounces a Rwandan politician scheduled to return on Wednesday.

The Catholic Church of Rwanda says Fr. Thomas Nahimana-former priest at Cyangugu Diocese – is a Genocide denier. Fr Nahimana arrives from France this Wednesday and has indicated that he intends to register his political party to vie for Presidency come 2017.

In a letter dedicated to concluding the year of ‘Jubilee of God’s Mercy’, the Catholic bishops have apologized for their church’s role in the genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda.

Bishop Philippe Rukamba – head of episcopal council of Rwanda told Kigali Today that the Catholic Church strongly distances itself from some of its priests who committed the Genocide and still hide under the Church.

Bishop Rukamba added that the Catholic Church does not stand with priests accused of Genocide crimes, insisting that justice sector should continue its work of bringing them to book.

Referring to Fr. Nahimana who has since reportedly married, Bishop Rukamba said: “We expelled him from Cyangungu Diocese. He is no longer our priest and operates independently where he lives in exile.”

Bishop Rukamba added that the Church decision to disown Nahimana was in response to his new agenda that spreads war and promotes genocide ideology. Bishop Rukamba said there is a long list of cases which he should answer for at some point.

Dr. Jean Damascene Bizimana – Executive Secretary of the National Commission for the Fight Against Genocide (CNLG) said the Catholic Church should use its internal rules to punish its priests who promote genocide denial like Fr. Nahimana, Murengerantwari and others.

Nahimana, through his online news platform ‘le Profete.fr’-has published countless articles spreading all sorts of genocidal propaganda as well as mobilizing for war against the government.

Nahimana and his entrouge are expected to arrive at Kigali International Airport around 14h:55min on Wednesday, his political group announced today in a statement.