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French, Spanish, Belgian Soccer Coaches Compete to Train Amavubi

by KT Press Staff Writer
5:14 pm

French national Didier Gomes da Rosa(tossed up by Rayon Sport fans) is among applicants that want to transform Rwanda’s struggling national team Amavubi

Fifty two Football trainers have expressed interest in coaching Rwanda’s national team – Amavubi (Wasps).

The Amavubi is desperately looking for a highly competent football coach that can help the team improve its ranking both regionally and on the African continent.

The country’s football governing body – Rwanda Federation of Football (FERWAFA) this morning unveiled a list of 52 coaches from across the world that have submitted applications.

Among applicants is a French national Didier Gomes da Rosa who once was entrusted Rayon Sports FC, a popular team in Rwanda. Also on the list is a Serbian Goran Kopunovic, once a manager of Police FC.

Former Nigerian coach Samson Siasia and Algerian Meziane Ighil are the only African candidates.

According to sports pundits, Ighil has high potential to win this offer despite team Algeria’s poor performance during the just concluded African Cup of Nations (Afcon).

With 8 candidates, France Nationals are most interested with coaching Rwanda’s Amavubi, followed by Portugal and Belgium with 7 and 6 candidates respectively.

Three Spanish and German nationals respectively are also looking forward to coaching Amavubi, as well as two British Nationals.

Meanwhile, the latest full time Amavubi manager Johnny Mckinstry, an Irish national was dismissed in October 2016 following poor performance.

With his $ 11,000 monthly earning, Mckinstry managed to bring Amavubi among the top 60 teams on FIFA rankings, but did not manage to maintain the ranking; rather team stepped back to more than 60 places.

With a local acting coach Rwandan Amavubi was last month ranked at 93rd position in 2016 FIFA rankings.

Full list of candidates

  1. Adyam Kuzyavez (Russia),
  2. Antoine Hey (German),
  3. Alberto Nieto Sandoval Loro (Spain),
  4. Antonio Flores (Spain),
  5. Bernard Simondi (France),
  6. Daniel Breard (French),
  7. Danilo Doncic (Bulgaria),
  8. Denis Doavec (France),
  9. Denis Lavagne (France),
  10. Didier Gomes da Rosa (France),
  11. Engin Firat (German/Turkey),
  12. Ermin Siljak (Slovenia),
  13. Fran Castano (Spain),
  14. Jasminko Velic (Portugal/Serbia),
  15. Joao Parreira (Portugal),
  16. Jose Rui Lopes Anguas (Portugal),
  17. Kevin Reeves (British),
  18. Luis Norton de Matos (Portugal),
  19. Mihail Stoichita (Romania),
  20. Seslija Milomir (Bosnia),
  21. Manuel Madurerira (Portugal),
  22. Marc Lelievre (Belgian),
  23. Mircenia Rednic (Belgian/Romania),
  24. Mourad Ouardi (Algeria),
  25. Nasser Sandjak (France),
  26. Nikola Kavazovic (Serbia),
  27. Paul Put (Belgian),
  28. Pea Fulvio (Italy),
  29. Peter Butler (British),
  30. Pierre-Andre Schurmann (Switzerland),
  31. Ricardo Nuno Perreira (Portugal),
  32. Salomon Yannick (France),
  33. Samson David Unuanel (Nigeria),
  34. Scott Donnelly (US/UK),
  35. Sebastian Desabre (France),
  36. Tom Saintfiet (Belgian),
  37. Vaz Pinto (Portugal),
  38. Winfried ‘Winni’ Schafer (German),
  39. Denis Goavec (France),
  40. Dimitrir Vasev (Bugaria),
  41. Ermin Siljak (Slovenia),
  42. Fabio Lopez (Italy),
  43. Goran Kopunovic (Serbia),
  44. Maor Rozen (Uruguay),
  45. Marinko Koljanin (Croatia),
  46. Meziane Ighil (Algeria),
  47. Peters Guy (Belgian),
  48. Raoul Savoy (Swiss/Spanish),
  49. Rodolfo Zapata Antonia (US),
  50. Samson Siasia (Nigerian),
  51. Dragomir Okuka (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  52. Georges Leekens (Belgian)