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Experts to Turn Drones Into Basic Tools in Rwanda

by Kalinda Brenda
1:04 pm

Rwandan young ICT experts challenged to adapt drones to daily lives in the country

US based drone entrepreneur has challenged Rwandan young ICT experts to introduce drone businesses in the country’s daily life.

Timothy Reuter, a drone entrepreneur and president of DC Area Drone User Group advised Rwandan youth to be business oriented while thinking about drones.

Speaking during a weekly session at kLab – a government funded open space incubation center for IT entrepreneurs, Reuter talked about how to build a drone business.

“As young people you should have ideas before an opportunity comes. And also stick to the Rwandan concept when it comes to thinking business wise. Look at what can benefit you and your society,” he said.

DC Area Drone User Group is an organization for amateur and professional drone users promoting responsible use of flying robots for community service, artistic, entrepreneurial, and recreational purposes.

Reuter urged entrepreneurs to think about businesses that can be supported by drone system.

For example, a drone business that would bring solutions in agriculture would be popular in Rwanda due to opportunities available in the sector which employs about 80% of the Rwandan working community.

“Many of the youth do not want to engage in agriculture yet it is the best sector where money can be got,” he said.

In support of that idea, Harrison Wolf, the project lead for the World Economic Forum’s civil drones program said, “before entering any business you should not fear to fail because what you call failure can be a beautiful lesson that keeps you moving.”

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