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Ni Nyampinga Brings Boys on Board

by Kalinda Brenda
10:21 am

The casts on stage acting.Ni Nyampinga has taken boys on board

Gender activists through the Ni Nyampinga magazine and talk show- a platform for girls to learn, connect, and explore opportunities around them has also brought boys on board.

This comes after realizing that girls cannot progress alone if boys do not learn to accept them.

Ni Nyampinga Magazine was created in 2012 for girls and five years later, a major radio play ( Ni Nyampinga Sakwe) is including boys. The objective is to take young people on a journey to overcome fears, explore friendships and voices.

“We target both girls and boys, allowing us to explore challenges faced by both genders and from their perspectives,” said Emma Roscoe, the country director for Girl Effect Rwanda, an organization that owns Ni Nyampinga.

Roscoe told KT Press that through the radio play, they hope to positively impact the mindsets and actions of young people in Rwanda, enabling them to become more educated, healthy, safe and economically empowered.

“We will tackle more sensitive issues faced by young people which are harder to tackle in non-fiction formats, like our magazine and talk show,” she said.

Ni Nyampinga Sakwe’s first episode will be aired on Saturday 09th. The cast includes Gigi, real name Betty Ingabire, Valentine – Betty Mugwaneza, Anik whose real name Ruth Kanoheri Christmas, Pazo – Jean D’Amour Ngarukiyintwali, Kagabo real name Israel Kubwimana among others.

Emma Roscoe, the country director for Girl Effect Rwanda


The seven talented casts will use their singing and acting skills to talk about violence, teen pregnancy, denial to education, denial to express their talents among other topics.

The recent survey of Girl effect Rwanda -2016 showed that 79% of Rwandans know about Ni Nyampinga while 55% listen to the radio shows.

Moreover, 41% read the magazine and 43% of girls are regularly helping and understanding each other to set and achieve their goals.

“I started reading stories in the magazine in 2012 when I was in my last year of high school. And the real life experiences portrayed in the magazine inspired me,” Nicole Isimbi 22, script writer at Ni Nyampinga told KT Press.