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Source of Funding for Armed Group Revealed in Court

by Daniel Sabiiti
8:19 pm

The suspects battling a serious court case in connection with forming a rebel group with intention to overthrow government

The Nyarugenge Intermediate Court today received evidence of source of financing for the armed group that is currently recruiting from within and outside Rwanda.

The nine suspects that appeared in court yesterday returned to court today as prosecution presented detailed evidence of funding for their group.

Prosecution told court that Maj. Faustin Ntirikina who is in France is responsible for coordinating fundraisers for the armed group and that this is the source of funding for the group.

However, the suspects said the money being sent to Rwanda is intended to help Victoire Ingabire, the leader of FDU – Inkingi a non-registered political group. Ingabire is serving 15-year prison sentence.

The court asked prosecution to present evidences to prove that the money is intended to create an armed group.

“We are still investigating and suspect that this money is used for these purposes basing on the evidence we have gathered,” prosecution told court.

“Three of the suspects were arrested while processing travel documents. This is a basis for suspicion – because we cannot separate the two intentions here, and we are not saying that it is a crime because we are not yet in an in-depth trial,” the prosecutor argued.

With these details, prosecution requested, “We are seeking arrest of Maj. Ntirikina in France – the global coordinator for this network. He should be arrested and prosecuted in Rwanda.”

The prosecution also requested that all the suspects be remanded “because they have a dangerous global network.”

The co-accused asked to be released on bail while presenting several reasons to court.

Court adjourned the trial to September 26, 2017.