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Court Turns Down Prosecution’s Request to Seperate Rwigaras Case

by Dan Ngabonziza
1:02 pm

The Rwigaras being led to a waiting police van outside court. Defense lawyers said separating the case would destabilize their clients

The Nyarugenge Intermediate Court has this Friday turned down a request by prosecution to separate the pre-trial hearing of a case involving three family members; Diane Shima Rwigara, Anne Uwamahoro Rwigara and their mother Adeline Mukangemanyi Rwigara.

Prosecution accuses the trio of cases related to inciting insurrection. But Diane Rwigara separately faces additional forgery-related charges. Her mother, Adeline Mukangemanyi Rwigara also faces another separate charge – divisionism and discrimination.

On October 11, court adjourned the pre-trial hearing for the 3rd time after Adeline Rwigara appealed for the right to hire a separate lawyer; Gatera Gashabana.
However,in today’s hearing, Gashabana told court that he had not had enough time to speak to his client and wanted more time to do so.

“I only got a confirmation to defend my client yesterday at 4pm. This was not enough to review her dossier. I request court to grant me more time to fully review her dossier,” Gashabana told court.

Responding to this, prosecution insisted that the case be handled separately since both suspects were briefed about all cases against them.

For Adeline and her defending lawyer’s request for more time to get prepared, prosecution said it does not find it an obstacle, but requested the court to proceed with the hearing of other suspects; Anne and Diane Rwigara.

But both defending lawyers; Gatera Gashabana and Celestin Buhuru expressed concern that separating the case would sabotage their clients.

Court adjourned the hearing to October 16.