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Kagame Pays Tribute to RPA Soldiers

by Dan Ngabonziza
11:39 pm

One of liberation statutes on the rooftop of Rwanda Parliament. The building itself has a rich history in the liberation struggle

President Paul Kagame has paid tribute to Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA) for their sacrifice that drew the country out of darkness.

Twenty seven years ago on this October 1st, Rwandan refugees in neighboring Uganda launched a rebel group to fight for their right to live in their motherland – Rwanda.

Four years later, RPA won the war and ousted a government that planned and executed the Genocide against Tutsi where more than a million Tutsi were killed.

“27 years on, this day changed the life of every Rwandese and Country in the most fundamental way. Thanks to the ones who gave their all for it!!!” Kagame said on his Twitter handle on October 1st.

“..We will never let it be in vain! The young women and men of Rwanda hear that and do your part!! Salutations to you ALL.”