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Plan Early to Enjoy Your Weekend

by Kalinda Brenda
3:24 pm

An all-in-one Bougainvilla Boutique Hotel, Nyarutarama. The building is former residence of the Prime Minister

Have you planned for this weekend already? There is alot on offer and many new places you need to discover.

For example in the quieter Nyarutarama suburb of Kigali there is a little known all-in-one Bougainvilla Boutique Hotel. It is the former residence of the Prime Minister. This place situated at KG 9 used to be heavily guarded but now its gates are wide open all day and night.

KT Press sneaked into this palatial facility for review.

To spend a night in the former prime ministers room, you will have to dig into your pockets and pay $150.

The place is breathtaking, perfect meals are served and it’s a perfect getaway for couples looking for pure relaxation and privacy. There is also a sound proofed discotheque, free Wi-Fi and private parking.

Speaking to KT Press, Mustapha Ngoga the receptionist said that the boutique hotel has a lot on the table to offer.

“On Friday and Saturday we have music of all kinds that allows people to relieve their stress, and ladies have special discount on drinks,” he said.

However, during week days the boutique hotel still hosts special events for people after work.

For example, Monday is dedicated to old school music while Tuesday’s are for Reggae and Wednesday’s are for ladies night. There are live performances.

On Thursday, the hotel offers a 20% discount on all local drinks.

What else This Week-end?

There is much more to choose from if you want to spend an enjoyable week-end.

Poetic Fever

Enjoy poetry and music in a vibrating dialogue on Sunday at Blue Note Pub opposite Ecole Belge from 6pm.

Trans Poesis, the organizers of the ‘Poetic Fever’ said that they started the monthly event in October 2015 to give a platform to young poetic talents.

The event is a good opportunity to meet Rwandan artists with a cultural touch like Mani Martin, and Jules Sentore.  Entrance fee is Rwf 1000 for students and Rwf 3000 for adults.

Turaje Concert

This Saturday at Serena Hotel-Kigali, a traditional concert will pay tribute to Rwandan legends who belonged to Isamaza troop that was formed in Belgium in the 1990’s.

The women in this troop played a great role during the liberation of Rwanda where they would convene concerts to fundraise for the liberation war.

Heart and Soul

Friday evening, the monthly ‘Heart and Soul’ is here for all those that want to worship God.

It is an evening dedicated to Christian music, poetry, testimonies while enjoying free coffee.

Heart and Soul will take place at Christ’s Church Rwanda (CCR) located in Gacuriro, Vision 2020.

European Film Festival

For the second time, European Union has scheduled movie screening.

The Festival is expected to start from Kigali at Radisson Blu and Convention center on Wednesday 18th – 22nd October and then go to Rubavu and Huye districts respectively.

Within a period of five days, the films will feature culture and several other themes from eight European countries including Italy, Sweden, and Belgium.


Much awaited games are scheduled to take place and they include;

Liverpool vs Manchester United

Manchester city vs Stoke city

Tottenham vs Bournemouth