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Fuel Prices Increase Again

by Daniel Sabiiti
11:34 pm

Pump attendant fills up fuel into a vehicleRwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) has announced new increased fuel price that will only last for two months pending a flux in international markets.

Effective March 3rd and end of April 2018, petrol will not exceed Rwf1, 055 per liter while diesel will buy at Rwf1, 037 per liter.

The previous review on January 9th put petrol at Rwf 1,042 per litre for petrol and Rwf1, 031 per litre for diesel.

“This price is expected to be reviewed at the end of April to take into account international price changes,” read part of a statement released by Lt. Col. Patrick Nyirishema , the RURA Director General on March 2, 2018.

In the meantime, these prices could affect trends on the local bourse which has seen turbulences on listed companies like I&M bank, Bralirwa and Bank of Kigali among the eight counters trading in Rwanda.

I&M bank today faced a share drop of Rwf3 even after making a successful increase on its index from Rwf90 per share on Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE) which also saw a drop as the trading week closed.

Today, both the RSE stock market all shares indices went down 0.15 and 0.02 points close at 131.80 as the trading session recorded a total turnover of Rwf1,855,600 from 9,400 shares traded in 5 deals and Rwf200,000 worth of bonds traded in 1 deal.