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New Genocide Remains Uncovered in Kigali, They were in Possession of IDs

by KT Press Staff Writer
4:08 pm

The IDs during the Genocide had mentions of ethnic information which worsened the situation of the Tutsi

As Rwanda prepares to commemorate 24 years after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, more victims in addition to more than a million killed,  are still being uncovered.

Workers digging up ground for sewage system for a new house in Kigali were shocked when their tools began hitting on human remains. The incident happened March 14 in the Gatsata area of Gasabo district.

As the workers continued shoving away soil, they found remains of more than 20 people. There were documents in the clothing they wore – with some having the notorious national ID which shows “Tutsi”.

Others had drivers licenses that were issued in the city of Kigali, the then MVK.

“Apparently, more than 20 people were dumped into a mass grave which was initially meant to serve as a toilet but was not yet in use. They include children whose number we could not identify because the remains have deteriorated,” Executive secretary of Gatsata sector Urujeni Gertrude said.

During the Genocide, roadblocks were set up across Rwanda by rampaging government-trained militias who separated people.

Those who had any other ID apart from one indicating Tutsi were left to continue.

In some areas like the South Western region of Rwanda, which was part of the infamous French “zone turquoise”, French commandos also manned the roadblocks.

Those gathered were then matched to the nearest bush or compound to be killed. They were then buried in mass graves to hide all the evidence. Hundreds of mass graves have been found.

Urujeni told local media that the remains have been cleaned and are being kept at the sector office pending burial.

Officials are urging the public to come forward to help identify the relatives of the victims. Plans have also been set to lay the victims to rest on April 12 in the nearby Genocide memorial. It will be within the commemoration week of April 7-14.