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The Weekender: Wine Tasting Back to Kigali

4:56 pm

The French Wine Master

Rwandans will once again get a taste of different flavors from around the world at a wine tasting event set this Thursday evening at Cucina Restaurant, inside Marriott Kigali hotel.

The free wine tasting event was officially first launched in Kigali in February with 14, 2018 where categories of wines imported from France, Chile, and Italy assembled for clients including ambassadors, CEOs and socialites.

The wine tasting event is back, but with a price. In the 3 hour event, one will be entitled to wines of their choice and they can sip as much as they want.

They will also have variety of food to accompany the wine, according to Richard Migambi the event organizer.

The event will once again be hosted by Gil Cheviron a visiting French sommelier who is also expected to conduct trainings for local Rwanda hotel wine waiters, during and after the launch of the event.

During the first event, Simon Hudson, Director of Food and Beverages at Marriot Hotel Kigali told KT Press that the event would be considered for every month.

When was the last time you read a Book? – Chat a Book Talk

For those who love the Shakespeare, Chinua Achebe language and jargons of the literature, this Thursday remains another perfect early start of the weekend with a ‘book talk’ at Tabz Plaza in Kimironko.

Book talk was launched last year in May as a weekly event held every Thursday– as a time to talk about books and their transitional power in lives.

“The intention is to make reading a part of life and those who cannot read can hear the story about a book they get motivation to read at least one book in a year,” said Gasana Mutesi, Founder of Arise Rwanda and Gira Igitabo (Own a book) campaign.

“Testimonies indicate that some people have not read in a long time but get motivated.”

This week’s event will feature famous books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad”-which is about Robert Kiyosaki and his two dads—his real father (poor dad) and the father of his best friend (rich dad)—and the ways in which both men shaped his thoughts about money and investing.

One of lessons to learn in the book- The Rich Don’t Work for Money- and Work to Learn—Don’t Work for money.

Understand Your Source of Depression

With the year, now half way, some depression on one’s failed annual plans for 2018, can be certainly a big deal.

The first ‘Understanding series’ episode one, is on this June 8, 2018 (Friday) with professional counselors, psychiatrists, and motivational speakers meeting at Kigali Public library to give you a sense of how to deal with depressing moments.

On this first panel will be speakers such as: Kelly J. Gahaya, a professional counselor, Darius Gishoma, a psychotherapist and Alice Bayingana, a learning and development coordinator.

Certainly you will find out one thing – If depression is state of life or just a sadness.

Shortcuts and Ways out?

Living in denial of your depression? Then you can temporarily take this state of mind to a fancy Friday at the Manor Hotel in Nyarutarama, enjoy some cool music, Moet and Champion Imperial wines with music spinner DJ’s Africano and Pyfo.

On the other side of Kigali, will be visiting Kenyan Photographer, Author and activist- Boniface Mwangi- who will stage at Impact Hub this Friday telling you his personal life stories that may help you to improve and judge your own.

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