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Rwanda Welcomes Extradition of Genocide Fugitive Vincent Murekezi

by KT Press Staff Writer
1:11 pm

Vincent Murekezi upon arrival at Kigali International airport.

Rwanda’s National Public Prosecution Authority has welcomed as a good move by Malawian authorities who handed over Vincent Murekezi – a genocide fugitive who has battled extradition for about 15 years.

“I would like to thank authorities in Malawi notably the Ministry of Justice, Prisons Services and the DPPs Office for the cooperation extended to have Murekezi Vincent sent to Rwanda to serve his sentence,” Prosecutor General John Bosco Mutangana tweeted Monday morning after the fugitive was handed to Rwandan authorities..

In a statement published shortly after the fugitive’s arrival in the country, National Public Prosecution Authority said: “NPPA will ensure that, the rest of criminal procedures with regard to the crime of genocide and crimes against humanity of which Murekezi Vincent stands accused, follow the due process of law.”

Murekezi was arrested in December 2016 following an international arrest warrant issued by Rwandan prosecution to their Malawian counterparts.

Who is Murekezi?

He had been so powerful in Malawi that his heavy bank account kept him free from the ghosts of his victims in Rwanda.

Vincent Murekezi (handcuffed) was extradited on Monday

Back in the dark days, Murekezi was the kingmaker for the Butare genocide machinery – current Huye district in Southern Rwanda.

In December 2016, KT Press traveled to Murekezi’s native home in Tumba sector – 3km away from the former National University of Rwanda premises in Huye district, to dig up details of how Murekezi conducted his calculated killings that left several Tutsi dead.

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