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Urban Boyz’s Nizzo Is Searching

by Andrew Shyaka
12:46 pm

Nizzo and his ex, Yvette

Singer Nizzo Ahmed is showing all signs that he really wants to settle down like his fellow band mate Humble Jizzo despite having no girlfriend currently.

This comes after Humble Jizzo took a life time step and married his longtime girlfriend leaving Nizzo in a puzzle which seems to be changing his mind.

On Friday Urban Boyz turned up on KT Radio for interview and fans shoot questions directly to Nizzo asking him to reveal his love life since his band mate got married.

“I adore Humble’s life style of having a wife and kids and it really makes me think of settling down early than I had planned although I am not in love currently but I pray to get one and settle down,” Nizzo responded to the question.

Nizzo has been in a relationship with various city girls including singer Sacha Kat.  In 2011 he started dating Sacha’s friend Emcee Anita Pendo until he dumped her to hook up with one Rwandese based in China called Yvette whom they separated last year.

Speaking to KT Press Nizzo’s friend and fellow bandmate Humble talked about his fellow mate getting seriously this time as far as starting a family is concerned.

“Yes we all pass through that stage when we love different girls thinking of settling down but it’s God plan if it works out. I can tell you my brother this time if he gets a girlfriend is determined to settle down,” says Humble.

Urban Boyz since breaking up with singer Safi has managed to drop an album and currently they have a hit song dubbed Turn Up that is rocking local airwaves.