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‘Baby Police’ Stars Stunned by Rwanda’s Hospitality

by Andrew Shyaka
10:45 am

Actor Chinedu Ikedizev aka Aki

Africa’s finest comedians and actors Osita Ihema and Chinedu Ikedize have said that they are overwhelmed by Rwandan hospitality.The Baby police movie stars touched down at Kigali International airport on Wednesday  night for a four days business trip in Rwanda were left speechless by how Rwandan people are friendly compared to other countries they have travelled to.

The duo paid a courtesy visit to KT Radio in the evening program dubbed Dunda and wholeheartedly praised Rwandese on their hospitality and development in infrastructure.

“Rwanda is becoming my home because the way people are friendly, infrastructure development and the zeal of fighting corruption to zero level which is killing our African continent is epic,” says Chinedu Ikedize.

“I have travelled the world but I have never felt comfortable in any country like I do when am in Rwanda, it’s simply welcoming in every aspect of life.”

The actors are in Rwanda to promote a long term project Naija-Rwanda connect which will see Rwandan film makers and new talents work hand in hand with Nigerian counterparts through working on movie projects and sharing experience through workshops.

“Rwanda is already a tourist hub in Africa because of its hospitality, I have moved around but I haven’t seen any single factor that makes me feel like a stranger and the topography is marvelous,” says Osita Iheme.

Actor Osita Ihema aka PawPaw

However, both actors emphasized on government’s need to support Africa’s cinema through funding and giving out small loans to film makers because African continent still has more stories to show the world.

Chinedu Ikedieze is a Nigerian actor. He is best known for playing alongside Osita Iheme in  most movies after their breakthrough in the movie Aki na Ukwa in 2003.

He once told the media back in Nigeria that he likes it when people refers to him as short because that’s how he was created and even his wife loves him for that.

Last year, he was in Rwanda for movie awards and he spend the whole night enjoying the city but he could tell fans how he is happily married with a kid and loves Rwandan hospitality.

Both stars have accumulated wealth through their career as well as connection across the globe.