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Gakondo Music Is Not for Every Artiste – Sentore

by Andrew Shyaka
10:51 am

Jules Sentore

Celebrated traditional musician Jules Sentore reveals that Gakondo music style is not meant for every artist unless the talent is inborn.

The Warakoze singer told KT Press that it’s easier for musicians to switch music genres like dance hall, Afrobeat and hip hop but not traditional music.

“Not every artist can switch from dancehall or hip hop to Gakondo music unless the talent is natural. I know artists try it out but they end up being disappointed because traditional music is not easily reproduced like other genres,” Jules Sentore

Sentore also vowed never to quit Gakondo music for other genres like dancehall and Afrobeat, which are on high demand when it comes to event organizers.

Young music enthusiasts today are more into trending music styles like dancehall, hip hop, pop and Afrobeat which puts pressure on artists to give less attention to traditional music style.

Many upcoming artists today in Rwanda are into Afrobeat and R&B because it’s on trend leaving out the gap in Gakondo.

However, few young artists like Sentore, Teta Diana and Clarisse shows that there’s hope for the future of Gakondo music and both musicians are working hard to keep Gakondo alive through new advanced Gakondo music style