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Rwanda Approves $20M Loan from OPEC for Clean Water

by Daniel Sabiiti
10:58 am


Clean water at Rubavu border post. Rwanda is getting more $20 million for water projects from OPEC

Rwanda Parliament has approved Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) funding that will be used to speed up government plans to have all Rwandans access clean water.

The second phase OPEC loan worth $20million was passed by the chamber of deputies this Tuesday in one of the last plenary sessions to be held this year.

The approval comes against the ambitious government targets of hitting a 100% access to clean water for all citizens by the year 2024, in comparison to the current access to clean water at 47%.

Based on distance one has to walk to a clean water source, (a threshold in 500 meters and 200 meters in rural areas and cities respectively, the current average stands at 62 per cent.

While presenting the project, MP Theogene Munyangeyo, the chairperson of the Economic and Trade parliamentary committee said that the funding was highly needed to increase access to clean water and the money will be used in expropriation activities.

The first phase signed in 2017 was used to supply water in Kigali city and six secondary cities plus Karongi and Rutsiro districts- which were added on the list because they were far behind in the then feasibility study.

“We have not attained the water targets that is why government decided to acquire more loans in the second phase,” Munyangeyo said.

He revealed that the total loan for water access (will be worthy $125m, which includes Africa Development Bank funding and the $20m from OPEC and government contribution of $3.8million.

The total funding will be used to construct a water plant in Nyagatare district (12,000 cubic meters- m³) per day, Muhazi with 10,000/day for Gatsibo and Kayonza districts, Kivu Belt supply system 7,000 m³, Sake for 6,000 m³ per day, Busogwe for 12,000 m³ per day in Ruhango and Nyanza districts, Kagaga 9,000 m³ per day for Muhanga and Kamonyi districts.

Also more works will be on Volcano belt water supply system for 4,000 m³ in Musanze, Nyabihu and Rubavu districts and put in place infrastructure works in Ngororero at 198 meters.

Particularly, the $20 million OPEC funding will be used on two water projects- Kagaga plant to supply 160,000 citizens including 2000 of them in the second Ubudehe category and Busogwe plant which will supply for 1900 citizens including 1500 of them in the first Ubudehe category.

“Both projects will mainly focus on conducting feasibility studies, constructing water plants and distribution in communities. And the signing of feasibility study agreement is set for January 2020,” MP Munyangeyo, explained.

According to the parliament committee the additional loan funding will be solicited for more feasibility studies as a way of implementing more projects in the next year, as obliged by the public investment committee in the ministry of finance.

Rwanda is believed to have enough water to satisfy the needs to its citizens. However, its distribution and maintenance remains a challenge.

Currently Rwanda loses about 38 per cent of the water produced annually, estimated to be worth about Rwf10billion, mainly due to wastage.

Rwanda Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) says it will cut water rationing tremendously by May next year after the completion of key water supply and forwarding projects that are currently under construction in a bid to address persistent water shortages.


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