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Rwanda to Follow Up On 40 Agreements Signed with Morocco Next Week

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
5:46 pm

Ndera Housing Project by the Morrocan company

Morocco is probably among the countries that signed the biggest number of agreements with Rwanda in less than five years.

When King Mohammed VI of Morocco visited Rwanda in October 2016, both countries signed 22 agreements.

More would be signed through the years, including 12 agreements in March last year during the first meeting of the joint permanent commission that was attended by delegates of both countries in Rabat – Morocco.

The agreements are now expected to 40. During the New Year press conference, the media asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Dr Vincent Biruta the progress and he said, both countries are working on it.

“Next week, the State Minister in this ministry will fly to Rabat to follow up on the agreements,” Biruta said.

“Not only we are following up on the signed agreements, but also, we are exploring new areas of cooperation.”

The agreements are expected to bring about mutual benefits between the two signatories.

For example, in 2016, A total of 21 agreements is roughly grouped into eight categories including; business, agriculture, politics, infrastructure, education, health, social welfare and security.

In medical sector for example, Moroccan Cooper Pharma, a renowned producer of antibiotics among other drugs, will set up its facility in the Special Economic Zone.

Already exporting to 21 countries across the world, Cooper Pharma wants to make Rwanda a strategic store for East Africa.

Most importantly, A Moroccan real estate company announced it would construct 5000 affordable housing units in Kigali city. Palmerie Development Group company sealed the deal worth $ 68 million.

Agreements that were signed in 2016 included diplomatic cooperation among others

The houses will be built in Ndera sector, Gasabo district as Kigali intends to bridge housing gaps by targeting to build 10,000 new homes every year until  2023.

The project will be implemented in partnership with Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD).

The twelve cooperation agreements that were signed in March last year meant to promote energy, education, trade, environment and judiciary of both countries.

During the New Year press conference, the media asked several questions in regards to relations between Rwanda, the region and beyond.

It happened as nine Rwandans were en route from Kampala-Uganda where they were illegally detained.

Rwanda said it is a good progress, but more needs to be done where Uganda is requested to release hundreds of Rwandans who have been illegally detained and tortured since the last two years.

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