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The Image at Tour du Rwanda

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
11:03 pm

Whether you are in front, in the middle or behind, at the start, the position does not matter. Time will tell who does better

KT Press lens is present at Tour du Rwanda 2020 which is running from February 23 through March 1, 2020.

Much as a photo speaks more than a thousand words, we have proposed you a series that shows the real beauty of the Kigali-Rwamagana-Kigali itinerary and the love Rwandans have for the sport that is increasingly becoming country favorite.

The present will also show you shoots on focus at Tour du Rwanda, a close up  of people who participated either as riders, spectators or the caravan at large.

The beauty along

 You may call it a green . The first stage of Kigali-Rwamagana-Kigali was all about the green area that first of all confirms the green and clean character of Kigali, but also reminds that cleanness, greening is not just about the capital city.

Rwanda has all the advantages to go green. No more plastic bags in the environment and thus, water penetrate in the soil with ease.

Moreover, it rains more than half a year, which brings a natural irrigation, quite vital for gardening.

Along this route, one appreciates the forestation efforts in the country of a thousand hills, in the context of fighting erosion, and no wonder, on roadside, a tree serves more interests than that.

They are also an assurance of safety to the road users.

In Rwanda, every citizen, even children know that littering is strange, reason why all along the Tour du Rwanda itinerary, you will no wonder appreciate clean roads, be it in the capital Kigali and across the country in small cities.

The art of riding

Riding is a game of technics. You don’t just run, you watch what’s going on behind you. Where is the potential threat, where are teammates?

Teammates riding together- good time to plan the challenge

On focus 

The riders, according to the choice of our camera lens to highlight here and there.

Not strange that the stage winner attracts the attention of the lensman.

One more kilometer to the finish line! Please get me one more battle of water. I hope we shall make it this time.

Hey! Come on guys

Watch him!


Expect the crowd, a cheering all along the Tour of Rwanda route. The excitement is the same on tarmac like on cobblestone road like this of Kabuga.

The youth. Yes, the youth including children because the first stage-Kigali-Rwamagana-Kigali fell on Sunday. As they watch, they thank God for having allowed the organizers to put this stage on  Sunday.

I have never seen this before! Says the old lady. She can barely see the bikes which weight some 5 kilograms -even less. To her, the young men, black and white are moving by the wind.

Trying with all means to keep a souvenir. It depends on what you call smart phone. If it can give me an idea how the guys looked like, then it is a smart phone.

Some people know the best corners or, call it point of view. Little did the owner of this billboard project know that some people will make the frame good use- he did not know that he was up to a multipurpose project.

The very first since I became Minister


You never take a beautiful moment, unless you are good at ‘telling your camera’. The camera has to be disciplined enough-and so has the user, so as to take the very best moments.

Not three legs nor three arms. The two people are just side by side and, no wonder, either of them wants the crown. Let the best win

Side by side brother, let’s plan to win

All Photos by Plasir Muzogeye with more here

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