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Tour du Rwanda: Shake Hand with Gorillas at the Finish Line

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
12:01 pm

Today, riders in Tour du Rwanda at its fifth stage will finish their 84.7 kilometer in the land gorilla silverback.

The finish line is in front of Musanze Market, in the city that is located in the foothill of the Volcano national park, the home to the rare mountain gorillas.

This says it all; it is the stage that leads to the biggest touristic destination of Rwanda.

The volcano national park offers a panoramic view to Musanze town and, in other words, gorillas look at the city from the top.

Imagine now sleeping in the volcanoes! There is that possibility to spend the night in that kingdom of gorilla silver-back.

So many lodges are now available for tourists who don’t have budget constraints, but even for others, Musanze offers budget but beautiful hotels, too.

It’s unfair to leave Musanze without saying that it is the home to the best irish potatoes the country-even the region, can offer.

Locally known as Kinigi, the irish potato is amazing. There are so many other varieties, also tasteful.


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